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Fantastic Prizes on offer in Plusnet’s Online Gaming Tournament

Fantastic Prizes on offer in Plusnet’s Online Gaming Tournament

Fantastic Prizes on offer in Plusnet’s Online Gaming Tournament

Plusnet gaming night Do you want the opportunity to win your share of £300 in Amazon Vouchers? If so, keep reading! Plusnet’s Get Your Game On! Gaming Week finishes with a fight-to-the-death online gaming event this Saturday and we want YOU to join in get your game on and get involved. We will be playing Battlefield 3 and F1 2012 giving gamers the opportunity to pitch their talents against other fanatics AND Plusnet staff! If you’re available this Saturday – to play as long as it takes – register your interest at our sign-up  page on Surveymonkey by clicking here to throw your name into the ring. But beware places are filling up and we only have LIMITED SPACE with a maximum of 32 entries on a first-come-first served basis.

So what are the prizes?

The main event will be Battlefield 3 in which teams of four will pitch themselves against each other in a straight knock-out format – no second chances! You will be placed in a team at random by our tournament co-ordinators. As well as getting the first ever Plusnet Get Your Game On trophies, the winning team of four people will win £160 in Amazon Vouchers to share between themselves (£40.00 each). But the runners-up and third-placed team will also win some prizes winning £100 (£25 per team member) and £40 (£10 per team member). Prizes for gaming tournament

Challenge Plusnet!

Running alongside this, acting as a hiatus between Battlefield 3 rounds, will be races on F1 2012 in which a team of our staff members are throwing down the gauntlet for you to try and beat them! This will include two semi-final races featuring 16 entrants in each race (dependent on numbers) plus some Plusnet staff who will take up some of the remaining positions. The top eight people in each race will go through to the final. The winners (assuming that you DO beat Plusnet) will go home with a memento of their victory with some ‘I beat Plusnet’ t-shirts! The Plusnet Gamer Team

Other Games

Alongside this, we will also be having other games for you to enjoy and participate in, such as Half-Life 2: Death Match, Minecraft and Trackmania Nations. These are purely for the love of gaming – no prizes, no trophies.

What do I need to play?

We have managed to secure two servers for the event play so the only item you will need, aside from yourself, a computer and a broadband connection, is Steam or Origin (depending on which game you want to play) and the games themselves. Details of all games, should you not have them already, plus associated costs have been posted on the Community Forum page about the Gaming Event.

This sound great, what more can I do?

All you have to do now is follow these easy steps:

 COME ON, COME AND GET YOUR GAME ON! Header image by SobControllers

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