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Antony Cotton’s That’ll Do Moments

Antony Cotton’s That’ll Do Moments

Antony Cotton’s That’ll Do Moments

Antony Cotton’s That’ll Do Moments


Today we’re launching a new campaign celebrating the great British love for good value, as new research shows Brits bag an average of nearly 7,000 bargains over their lifetime.

Our latest campaign ‘That’ll Do’ is based on the local Yorkshire expression for when you get more than you bargained for. We’re taking things back to basics for customers with simple, reliable broadband with great service when you need it – providing genuinely good value for money.

As part of the campaign, we’ve teamed up with Coronation Street actor Antony Cotton and his Mum, Enid to share their That’ll Do moments.

Despite being one of Britain’s most recognised TV stars - playing Sean Tulley in Coronation Street for 17 years - he admits he still loves the thrill of a good value deal and he even has a dedicated ‘bargain room’ in his Lancashire home.

From spectacular hotel upgrades and making their own clothes, to double-yolk eggs and getting extra gravy, check out Antony and his Mum’s hilarious That’ll Do moments below.


Our research also revealed Brits’ favourite ‘That’ll Do’ moment – where they’ve got more than they bargained for - is an upgrade to a better hotel room, with 1 in 4 revealing they’ve experienced this and people in Glasgow (33%) and Edinburgh (37%) pulling it off more than anywhere else.

People also revealed their techniques on how to secure a deal in the first place, with a quarter of people in Bristol (25%) pretending an item is missing from their meal to get free takeaway food, and one in four people in Liverpool (24%) fibbing it’s their birthday.

It’s not just people in Yorkshire who love great value deals and those moments where you get more than you expect are always worth celebrating, no matter how big or small. At Plusnet we believe value for money is simple, reliable broadband without the bells and whistles but with great customer service and at a fair price. That’ll do.