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Welcoming the community to Plusnet HQ

Welcoming the community to Plusnet HQ

Welcoming the community to Plusnet HQ

Our community is where many of our best ideas come from. It’s full of customers who take a keen interest in how our products work, and whenever someone has a question, they do a wonderful job of jumping in with an answer.

Router not connecting? Ask the community. Can’t get WiFi running? Ask the community. Got a new idea about broadband powered by happiness? Tell the community all about it.

They’ve been helping us with new solutions for over a decade, so it’s only right we invited them in to talk about what’s coming next.


An invitation to our open day

Invitations were sent out to some of our community’s most active users. These are people who spend hours a day helping customers fix their problems, and have been doing so for years.

Three of them were able to attend, while others chose to dial in. After we’d bought them train tickets and set up a number, the day was ready to go.

Key colleagues within the business were booked to meet them, giving them the chance to ask questions while putting their ideas forward to people who could actually make them happen.


Let the fun begin

As the community arrived, they were invited to enjoy free breakfast provided by our very own, newly refurbed canteen. Fully fed, they started their day with a quick tour of our offices, seeing where all the work takes place and getting to meet some of the people they regularly talk to online.


They then got to chat with managers from our Business team, our Products team, our Digital Marketing team and the director of our Technology team, where all their questions were answered and all their thoughts listened to.

Lunch was provided by a very tasty local bistro, beer was provided by an equally tasty local pub, and all in all our community really got to see what makes Plusnet tick.

We were really grateful for them taking the time to come in and chat to us, and hope that the things they learnt will ease any concerns and inspire new ideas for years to come. 

We’ve already booked the next open day for January 2020, so if you fancy playing a part, get involved in our community today and we’ll be in touch when the time comes.


A big cheers to everyone who attended or was able to dial in, and all who helped make the day happen.