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Genuinely Simple with Antony Cotton

Genuinely Simple with Antony Cotton

Genuinely Simple with Antony Cotton

Simple pleasures


As research shows three quarters of people in the UK believe we’ve “lost sight” of the simple things in life, we’ve teamed up with Coronation Street actor Antony Cotton and his mum, Enid to celebrate their own basic pleasures.


Antony – who plays Sean Tully in Coronation Street - and Enid put the world to rights as they hail the beauty of a normal cup of tea and the feeling when you plug something in and it ‘just works’ – while also poking fun at overcomplicated jargon.





When it comes to the UK’s most simple pleasures in life, the smell of the sea tops the list, followed by having the sun on your face, and a bacon sandwich. The definitive list also includes a dog wagging its tail, hearing a baby laugh, someone telling you you’ve lost weight, Sunday lunch with family and a pint in front of a fire in a pub.


We’re taking things back to basics for customers with simple, good-value broadband without the unnecessary bells and whistles – urging people to choose basic, transparent products that just work.


In fact, the majority of Brits already agree simplicity is best when it comes to making everyday purchases – 72% want pricing on packaging to be more transparent and 70% want language to be clearer around products or services.



Four out of 10 say they are paralysed by the wealth of choice in modern life, which is actually stopping them from making decisions. Nearly half said they actually craved less rather than more choice, with 68% striving for things to be simple.


We offer a simple product range so customers know they’re not paying for things they don’t want or need.


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