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Explore the History of Pokémon – From Red and Blue to GO!

Explore the History of Pokémon – From Red and Blue to GO!

Explore the History of Pokémon – From Red and Blue to GO!

Pokémon GO has officially taken over the world. Downloads of the app have been estimated at over 75 million, and the news, both good and bad, has been topping the feeds of social sites across the internet.

Pokémon GO sees you capturing the original generation of monsters using augmented reality technology to show them appearing on a GPS map, as well as utilising your phone’s camera to show them alive right in front of you.

In just a couple of weeks, it’s proved to be a ginormous success, though it’s also impressive to see how many other games have been released for the franchise. Check out our timeline below for the complete history of handheld Pokémon games!


Pokemon Timeline Graphic.jpg

Perhaps the main appeal of Pokémon GO is the nostalgia that many of us feel for when Pokémon first burst onto the scene.

Originally released in Japan in 1996, Pokémon Red and Blue (Green for Japan) hit UK shelves in October 1999 and dominated the handheld gaming market, selling over 47 million units worldwide. Kids nationwide battled and collected their favourite Pokémon, but it didn’t stop once you’d filled up your Pokédex.

Pokémon became a full-fledged franchise when Pokémon Gold and Silver were released, bringing with them a wealth of new monsters to catch, and the company haven’t looked back since.

While hundreds of people coming together to celebrate their love of Pokémon GO is the newest evidence that technology can bring us together, we, of course, encourage everyone to stay safe when they’re playing.

Don’t forget to learn even more about the Pokémon franchise, and some of gaming’s biggest characters, check out our gaming family trees! Which were your favourite games? Which Pokémon are you still on the hunt for? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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