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ZyXEL Prestige 660H Broadband Router - Setup Guide

ZyXEL Prestige 660H Broadband Router - Setup Guide

ZyXEL Prestige 660H Broadband Router - Setup Guide

Microfilters - Also known as 'splitters'. Make sure that every piece of equipment connected to your phone line has a microfilter attached to it, so that you broadband works correctly. If you don't know how to fit these check our Guide to Fitting Microfilters.
Computer Setup - Any computer you connect to your router must have an Ethernet port available (It may be marked 'Ethernet').  Also check the computer network settings to make sure that it can 'Obtain an IP Address automatically'. Find out how to do this by reading our Networking Guide.
Hardware setup

  1. Fit a microfilter in-between the wall socket and each device that shares the telephone line. This applies not just to telephones but can also include fax machines, burglar alarms, and any digital satellite equipment. You should have received two microfilters with your router.
  2. Plug the power supply into the back of your router (socket marked Power), then plug the other end of the power supply into the nearest mains socket.
  3. Plug one end of the black telephone cable into the DSL socket on the back of the router and plug the other end into the microfilter (attached to your phone line in step 1). The microfilter socket is also marked DSL.
  4. Press the Power button on the back of the router to switch it on. The PWR/SYS light on the front will flash and then turn green.
  5. Wait until the DSL/PPP light stops flashing green and turns orange. This may take a minute or more. Once the light is orange, your Prestige 660 router has been successfully set-up.
  6. Plug the Ethernet cable (red) into your computer’s network socket, plug the other end of the cable into any of the router’s four available network sockets.

Connection setup

  1. Start your Internet browser and type in the address
  2. Click Login on the Enter Password screen.
  3. Click Ignore on the Change Password screen.
  4. Click Wizard Setup.
  5. Now enter your username and password as confirmed in your activation email. You can check these by going to your connection details.
  6. Now click the radio button at the side of Nailed-Up Connection, then click Next.
  7. Now click Log on to the Internet!

Congratulations, you are now connected to broadband!

Your router is now connected to your broadband account. Any computer connected to the router should now be able to browse the Internet.
Note that once these details have been set you don’t need to enter them again. Simply start your email client or web browser and you will be connected automatically.
If the DSL light does not stop flashing, after a minute, check your broadband cable and microfilters. You should only use the cables provided with your router. Ensure no other broadband equipment is installed on your computer. For more help, view the included Quick Start Guide, or the detailed manual included on the CD.
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