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Fibre help - Setting up a PPPoE Dialler for windows XP

Fibre help - Setting up a PPPoE Dialler for windows XP

Fibre help - Setting up a PPPoE Dialler for windows XP

To do a speed test via your modem you will need to connect directly to the modem and set up a PPPoE dialler from your computer. This will enable you to test the speed that the modem is achieving, ruling out the router and other equipment between your computer and the modem as a cause.
Step 1. Connect your computer with an Ethernet cable directly to the modem into LAN port 1

Step 2. Click ‘Start’ then select Control Panel
Step 3. Choose ‘Network Connections’
XP img1

Step 4.  Select ‘Create a new Connection’
XP img2

Step 5. In the connection wizard click ‘Next’
XP img3

Step 6.  Select, ‘Connect to the Internet’ and click ‘Next’
XP img4

Step 7.  Select ‘Set up my connection manually’ and click ‘Next’
XP img5

Step 8.  Select ‘Connect using a broadband connection that requires a user name and password’ and click ‘Next’
XP img6

Step 9. Type in the name or your connection and click ‘Next’
XP img7

Step 10. Fill in the details in the form of your, your account password and confirm your account password. Once you’ve done this, click ‘Next’
XP img8

Step 11. Tick the ‘add shortcut to this connection on my desktop’ and click ‘Finish’

XP img9
Step 12.  When you click on your desktop icon this dialogue box will open. Make sure your username and password are entered  and click ‘Dial’. A notification message will appear in your task bar when you are connected.
XP img10

Returning to your original setup

When you want to return to your original setup you will have to remove this connection. To do this, simply attach your ethernet cable back into your router and use steps 2 & 3 to get to your network settings page. Once there simply highlight the connection and delete.

network connection1a
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