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Keeping my current number

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Registered: ‎05-08-2020

Keeping my current number


I've had no joy getting through to the customer services team and have also not been able to raise this via live chat so am hoping someone might be able to help me on here.


I signed up for home phone/broadband yesterday, there was an issue with the payment screen timing out so I had to do the order via the phone.  We had to go through the order a few times before we managed to complete it because of the same glitch.  I specifically asked about keeping my number and was told that there was no problem with porting, but have since received an email informing me of my 'new number' - so it seems the port request was not captured as part of the final order that went through.

Can you please amend the order so that I can keep my current phone number and confirm to me that this will be the case?


Any help would be much appreciated.