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iPad prize draw - recycle your Hub One router!

iPad prize draw - recycle your Hub One router!

iPad prize draw - recycle your Hub One router!

Decided that you don’t want your Plusnet Hub One wireless router?

Not a problem. But now what do you do with it? Use it as a paperweight, or quirky garden ornament? Or just bin it? Well, we think there's plenty of great environmental reasons for sending it back to us and not throwing it away. What's more, by recycling you could win a new iPad in our monthly prize draw!

Read on, to find out how... 

We're making recycling free and easy

Received a letter, email or text from Plusnet inviting you to send your Hub One back? Great. We'll also send you a pre-paid returns bag from us through your letterbox. Just pop your router, plus cables, microfilters, power supply and box (if you still have it) into the bag, then drop it in the post. It’s that simple.

Your router can still be used

We think your old Hub One deserves a second chance - to bring broadband to someone else. When you send it back, we’ll make sure it’s all working properly and either send it to a new home, or send its parts to help make something else. 

Don't throw it in the bin

We all need to do our bit to be more green. Throwing your router away means it won't be properly recycled and could be pretty bad for the environment. The electrical items inside it need to be handled by professionals and not left to their own devices in a scrapyard. We can help.

Bag it - and win an iPad (if you're lucky!)

Once we've received your Hub One, we'll add your name to our monthly prize draw to win a 2018 edition 32GB iPad 9.7" screen. Every month we'll pull out a name and, of course, if it's yours we'll tell you about your win. You lucky thing.



So, if you’ve got one of our Hub One routers and decide you don’t want it, don’t bin it - bag it, and send it back to us.


For more information read our T&CS & FAQs below.