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Superfast Business Fibre is here

Superfast Business Fibre is here

Superfast Business Fibre is here

Business fibre banner We’re delighted to announce the launch of our brand new business fibre products and a much improved range of business broadband and phone packages. Carry on reading to find out more about our half price introductory offer and to hear what some of our existing business fibre customers have to say about the service ...

Plusnet Business Broadband gets superfast

With speeds of up to 76Mbps Business Fibre offers customers 50GB monthly usage from just £25 a month*. Alternatively, Unlimited Business Fibre offers completely unlimited usage from as little as £35 a month. Plusnet Business Fibre allows for faster file transfer and higher quality video conferencing and VoIP. The new range of products has been designed with small to medium sized businesses in mind who have recognised how broadband can evolve and grow their business. Existing Plusnet Business customers helped trial and develop our Fibre service ahead of launch and we’ve been delighted with their feedback; A whopping 91% of Plusnet Fibre trialists reported increased efficiency and productivity since they started using fibre, with 87% willing to recommend the service to other businesses. Our new look website also features case studies from a number of our existing Plusnet Business customers who have taken the time to share with us their experiences of the service. A special 'thank you' to Carrs Silverware, Whitehouse Sports Injury Clinic, Dinwiddie McLaren Architects, Archetype Marketing Agency, Aquarius Spa and Lee Stuart Digital Retouching for taking part. This is what our CEO – Jamie Ford – had to say about our new business portfolio:

“We pride ourselves on providing a stellar service, and we feel it is important that small businesses use a broadband package that meets their own promises to clients and customers. Many of our customer trialists discovered new and improved ways of working and we are confident that once people try a fibre broadband connection, they will see the instant benefits.”

Not sure about this technology yet? Still have some questions about how it works? Find out more in our handy guide called what is fibre broadand?

New look broadband and phone packages

Today also sees the launch of our new Business Broadband and Unlimited Business Broadband products. Starting at just £10 a month, Business Broadband offers 25GB monthly usage and is perfect for small offices and home workers. For those needing more usage, Unlimited Business Broadband starts at only £15 a month and offers a truly unlimited service. In addition, customers can save £2 a month on our standard broadband and fibre prices by adding Business Phone to their package. Business Phone line rental starts at just £10.50 a month and we have a range of new calling plans available. Customers can choose a Pay As You Go option or add one of three plans to their line rental which include combinations of inclusive UK landline, mobile and international minutes. Jamie Ford continued:

“We offer 24/7 customer service and have been in the business for over 16 years.  Combined with our market-leading broadband and phone products this should make us a great choice for any small business.”

New customers can get six months half price!

New customers can take advantage of a half price promotion that will be running until June 27th – giving six months half price broadband on all 24 month contract options.** So what are you waiting for? For more information, go to or call 0800 023 2221 Are you a Plusnet Business customer who has trialled fibre?  What have been your experiences? Share them with us by leaving a comment below ... * All prices where mentioned exclude VAT. ** Offer ends 27 June 2013. Available to new Plusnet Business customers who sign up and take any Plusnet Business broadband or fibre product on a 24 month contract.  Customers must sign up at, or by calling 0800 023 2221 and quoting “business6” to receive a 50% discount on their broadband or fibre subscription for the first 6 months. 

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Much better deals on fibre optic out there - talktalk for example
@denise. If you trust your business to some of the worst support services the industry has to offer then fair play. I know that i trust quality over cost and my business needs could never be met by Talktalk. Plusnets intelligent traffic management, network quality, support services, reputation and price points make for excellent value for money delivered by a UK team who know what they're doing. No scripts, no first line support monkeys just guys and girls who know what they're doing and know what they're talking about. There's absolutely no comparison, if you value your business that is. Smiley
Very disappointed in my fibre broadband. Only worked for six days, currently no broadband at all and have been told have to allow them three days to investigate the problem, no idea when service will be resumed. When broadband worked was also disappointing promised 57 mega bits per second, only getting one quarter of that speed. Customer service in my opinion not very good either, all they can do is log problems, apologies but can't give you any information. They send you lots of SMS messages to your mobile phone but none of these contain information you wish to know, I.e lacking in the essential information.
Sorry you feel that way Ian. The speeds you're able to achieve should be similar to what's estimated for your line here - Unfortunately faults can and do occur from time to time. I'm sure we're doing all we can to restore service for you but this can take a number of days depending on the nature of the problem. Especially where we have to involve BT Wholesale/Openreach.
what go on your line cut out? can you say me what happen? please sort out with it you been cut out again again..
hello I was like ask you can you please find out about mine line no right so been cut out line when put on from BT line? if you can sort out with it and let me know what go on with it moment look like poor line every time cut out BT line same thing about week cut out line!. will you get me soon on email me please. thank you. doug.
I could deliver Email faster by snail.. one problem after another and downloads well come on a bit of poetic licence with the advertising boys give me service ore I bail cheers
@joebar, there are no system-wide email problems at present. I'm sorry to hear you're having problems though. Have you reported it to our help desk? If you've a support ticket reference you can provide me with then I'll happily take a look and see what I can do to help?
Great news I must say - for some. My broadband is slower now than it was 12 months ago. All I get is an increase in monthly costs from October ( RENTAL £1 + 50p Talk Anytime )- so at least I know where the increase is going - no benefit to me ! My Customer Satisfaction would not give PlusNet a high score
I have just joined plusnet and find that my speed is very slow due to my area. is it possible to change to fibre broadband and if so will it make a difference knowing my normal broadband is slow in my area. Thanks Tim
Hi Tim, stick your telephone number into the BT Wholesale Availability Checker here - It will give you a good idea about what's available and what speeds you can expect.
Ian, unless the quality of your line has deteriorated then you should still be able to achieve the same speeds you could a year ago. Have you raised it with support before?
My internet has been down for 2 weeks now, I have reported this on 2 occasions and have been told that there was a cable thefts in Swansea area and they can't tell me when my internet will be back on has anybody in the swansea area suffering the same problem as me. Not a happy plusnet customer
Sorry to hear that Ian. If it is due to a cable theft then there's not a huge amount we can do as we'll be reliant on Openreach fixing their part of the network. If you've a support ticket reference that you can provide me with then I'll happily take a look and see if I can shed any further light on the situation?
When can we expect ultrafast 300 mb broadband which BT is rolling out ?
We already have a handful of trialists using the service however we've no immediate plans to bring it to market. Hopefully one for the future though.
I have to say that I feel Plusnet are getting too large and are not coping with the extra customers on fibre. I was supposed to have their new fibre product. Apparently though the appointment was cancelled and no one told me. Very poor customer service.
Sorry to hear that Nigel. I doubt it's a matter of volumes though, sounds more like oversight/system error. Did things get rebooked for you?