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Unlock even more internet

Unlock even more internet

Unlock even more internet

There’s loads of good internet out there. Social media internet, film internet, gaming internet, even watching people unboxing expensive things internet.

In fact, estimates say there’s over a zettabyte of data online. Nope, we’d never heard of a zettabyte either, but it’s a lot.

With so much to see, you’ll need internet speeds that let you get it all in.

That’s where fibre can help.



Go faster with fibre.png


Fibre internet is loads faster than standard internet, meaning you can be online with more devices, doing more stuff, all at the same time.

This is perfect if you’re in an online household.

If you want to watch Netflix while checking out Instagram, fibre will help you do it without any buffering.

If you want to plot a midnight takeover of enemy territory with your mates from across the globe, fibre will help you do it without your connection – and your player – dying.

If you’ve got kids online in one room while you’re online in another, fibre will stop any family feuds.

And to top it all off, fibre will also give you exclusive access to our great deals on YouView TV and BT Sport, meaning you can watch the best of the Premier League, boxing, cricket and more, as well as the top TV shows. These deals are only available when you take out fibre, so you know, it makes sense really.

You could even go one further and get Unimited Fibre Extra, which is just as grand is sounds. Fibre Extra gives you all that internet PLUS LOADS MORE, meaning your entire household could be online on multiple devices all at the same time, all doing different things, all getting incredible speeds for an incredible price.


But don’t just take our word for it. We are a bit biased, after all.

Check out all our fibre deals and see how fast you could be getting the internet in your home.

You’ll be watching people unbox things in no time.

Do more online with fibre.png