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Plusnet rewards over £6 million to customers

Plusnet rewards over £6 million to customers

Plusnet rewards over £6 million to customers

Here at Plusnet we like to give our customers something back for recommending us to their friends and family. So far over 110,000 customers have received a discount or money back on their monthly bills simply by referring someone to Plusnet home phone and broadband. Since we started the My Referrals programme we’ve given out over £6million!

Are you interested in joining in and saving some money? Simply recommend a friend and ensure they enter your Plusnet username at the relevant point during their sign-up. Once their account is activated you’ll received discounts from your bill as long as they remain a paying Plusnet customer. The value of the discount varies dependent on the package taken but the referred account, but they are currently as follows:

Plusnet Unlimited – 50p per month/per customer

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre – 75p per month/per customer

All phone products – 50p per month/per customer

There’s no limit to the amount of people you refer, this means there are some customers receiving their Plusnet services completely free! Paula refers friends and family to PlusnetPaula Harvey-Wilson is one of the Plusnet customers benefitting from the My Referrals programme, she currently enjoys discounts of £30.50 per month. She had this to say:

“For the past ten years or so I have been recommending Plusnet to different friends and family members as I feel Plusnet is the best broadband provider around and the service is always brilliant.”

Andy Baker, CEO at Plusnet commented:

“Word of mouth continues to be the strongest recommendation you can get, and the strength of this referrals programme is real testament to this. We are very proud of our award-winning customer service and competitive pricing and it is great to see that our customers are pleased enough to recommend this service to others. Saving our customers over £6million is a milestone we are thrilled to have reached and really shows that it pays to recommend Plusnet.”

Find out how to get started referring your friends and family to Plusnet here.

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It's basically a sound idea and for many Users it works. But! Problems with the Back Office financial system that supports the payment does result in payment being incorrect / delayed for up to a year for some Users
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Thinking of signing up to Plus net, however having read the comments on the forum of existing and new customers I wonder if it would be a good idea? Would love to get a reply from Andy Baker, CEO at Plusnet, as to why customers are having so many problems.
Plusnet Help Team
Hi @ Pernes, Thanks very much for showing interest in our services. It's worth keeping in mind that the Community forums are primarily used as a channel for support. That by it's nature means that you'll tend to mostly see customers with issues. Further to that I'm confident you'll also find helpful responses from other members of the support community (fellow customers) and members of staff such as myself who are always happy to help.
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just on line today but not he first time I have been with plusnet. My question is when I signed up was promised £75.00 can you tell me when i will be receiving this please.
@ Pennes, Plusnet is one of the best ISPs in the UK when it comes to service quality. I know a lot of people on Talktalk who have constant issues with their service. Plusnet's prices are also very competitive. I've just renewed my contract which is a lot cheaper than even Talktalk. I've gone and taken a look at their forums the other day as I was considering switching and all I saw was chaos and a horrible forum layout. One specific case I remember was someone complaining he had only bought the service due to Talktalk offering a free iPad which he broke right away and now he is stuck paying £80 a month. That's just something you aren't going to see with Plusnet. I've been with them for 18 months already and thinking back how fast time flew by I barely remember any problems, perhaps once or twice the connection had gone but not long.
We've been customers of PlusNet since we formed in 2003, and joined on the recommendation of a friend. Since then we have referred a large number of customers, friends and family to them. Their service, for us and those we have referred, has always been top of the class. If anyone we'd referred had problems, they'd soon let us know about it! For us, PlusNet are the only Internet company of choice - friendly, reliable service, excellent pricing, no-nonsense customer support.