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Plusnet wins three Moneywise Home Finances Awards

Plusnet wins three Moneywise Home Finances Awards

Plusnet wins three Moneywise Home Finances Awards

Plusnet wins 3 Moneywise home finance awards We’re delighted to announce that Plusnet have won three awards at the inaugural Moneywise Home Finances Awards. The awards were voted for by Moneywise readers and we’re extremely proud to have come out on top in three categories.

Moneywise have built a reputation as the go to place to find providers that are rated highly by other consumers, so to win an award voted for by their readers is something we’re immensely proud of. Over 5,500 people took part in the recent survey to vote for the best providers and we’re ecstatic that Plusnet came out as winners in the following three categories:

  • Most Recommended Broadband
  • Best Broadband for Service
  • Best Broadband for Value for Money

Andy Baker, CEO of Plusnet commented:

“We believe our customers are entitled to both great value and customer service, without compromise, so it is truly encouraging to have won these awards through a public vote.   We continue to invest in both our product offering and customer service;  we are recruiting more service advisors to our team on a daily basis and will be launching new products next year.  “We’re really happy to also receive the “most recommended” title too.  It’s fitting because this year we have reached a significant milestone with our unique My Referrals scheme, rewarding over £6m to customers who recommend our service to family and friends in order to earn money back off their monthly bill.”

We’re really happy at winning these awards and we hope that we can continue to grow and offer great deals to customers.

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Rising Star
I'm puzzled how PlusNet keep getting these awards when it still takes for ever to get through on the phone then kept hanging on while agents have to go off and consult with others. Tickets take ages to get answered then don't address the problem.
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
@glloyd, sorry if you've had a long wait recently. We have made massive improvements on our wait times over the past few months. At the time of writing this response there isn't a single support team with a higher wait time than 5 minutes. That being said, there are still improvements to be made as there are still times throughout the day when the wait times become longer, however, overall they have definitely improved in the past few months. I'm sorry if you've called us recently and been put on hold whilst the agent sought advice. In order to improve on the long wait times we have had a big recruitment drive. This means that as a customer you may be more likely to get through to an agent who is new and may still require some assistance. We do feel that our agents asking for assistance if they're unsure about an answer is the best approach to ensure that customers are being told correct information.
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I agree with glloyd, I've been trying to get through for weeks to get a MAC code. How on earth can you win awards with a service like this? No doubt they make it even harder to get the MAC so people can't leave!
Not applicable
I suppose PlusNet on paper, the PlusNet offer looks good and can easily con people into giving them awards. I'd like to know from Home Finances people who made the award to PlusNet, please please please tell us: how many of you use PlusNet as your service provider? Go on tell us? I bet most if not all of you are either with BT or VM. Do you people not realise that giving awards to the likes of PlusNet with a shambolic customer service are condemning us less affluent people to a life of misery? Have you ever done any basic research to see how bad a service PlusNet offers, all you need do is look at the complaints on their Facebook page. I am amaised they have not taken it down. If that was my home page, I would have taken it down with shame.