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Plusnet Gaming Week 2014

Plusnet Gaming Week 2014

Plusnet Gaming Week 2014

Gaming Week 2014 Today we are launching Plusnet’s second annual Gaming Week! Following on from the success of last year’s, we decided to run it again with more blog posts, graphics and videos to provide lots of content for the avid gamers that visit our website and community. We have a whole week of content lined up for you, so be sure to keep your eyes out for posts on:

  • How do you become a gaming journalist?
  • Is the cost of gaming going up?
  • What’s the future of gaming is in 2015?

There’s also the chance to win a Playstation 4 plus a copy of Destiny for one lucky winner in our ‘Life As A Game’ competition, one runner-up will receive a copy of Destiny for either XBOX ONE or PS4. More details of how to enter will be posted later today, so keep your eyes peeled.


What is gaming week about?

Why are we doing this? Well, there is always a lot going on in the world of gaming. Did you know that last week saw Nintendo’s 125th birthday? Gaming is an activity all the family can participate in and we love that. We also know that a lot of our customers (and staff) enjoy playing video games – from mobile to high-end gaming PC – so a week dedicated to everything gaming, including how to get a job in it, seemed like a good fit.

What has happened since our last Gaming Week?

A lot has happened in the time since last year’s gaming week, and gaming has become much more prevalent in the eyes of the media and larger companies. soared in popularity and was purchased for nearly $1bn by Amazon, Minecraft’s seemingly unending popularity helped it sell for an astonishing $2.5bn in a Microsoft acquisition and of course, the new generation of consoles were released. Video games have evolved exponentially from the blocky 8-bit characters of the 80’s to the shimmering HD models we see today, and with it has come the image of the typical gamer. An average gamer could be a businessman playing a game on his iPhone on the train home, a child playing Disney Infinity on its dad’s PlayStation or a student playing FIFA against his friend over the Internet, and that’s what we hope to put across during Gaming Week, that gaming is for everyone. So all that is left to say is we hope that you enjoy what we have coming your way over the next week, feel free to share it and contribute to our content. And most of all: GET YOUR GAME ON!

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Seasoned Hero
any thoughts on another BF night Smiley
I'd be up for a Destiny (ps4) night one day this week.
Not applicable
How about diverting less effort on to nonsense like this and putting more effort in to getting the time to answer support calls consistently below 10 minutes and the time to respond to questions(tickets) below your target of 24 hours. Many users would be pleased if it didn't take days to report faults to BT and book engineers.
I think this is completely the wrong timing & PlusNet are focusing away from the real issue(s) at hand *(suspecting that this is to divert our attention from the issue(s) that PlusNet are failing to put right for whatever their reasoning or (lack of expertise) we are yet to find out either way There has been a multitude of issue(s) & multitude of time(s)& what have Plusnet done about them, (make us nag & still nothing gets done to fix them) I'll be surprised if they are not in the running for the Wooden Spoon Awards sometime soon As I said here I think that the effort & focus, should have been, nipping in the bud the 1. Call waiting times 2a. BTOpenreach 2b. BTw 3. Line Rental Saver 4. Ticket system & all other areas that has been reported a multitude of times (that has had no formal action to permanently fix) Which keep cropping up Whilst I agree that Gamers should get a look in & have their day, there are far more pressing issue(s) that need urgent attention in the 1st instance
@jelv and TORPC As mentioned over in the forums, Gaming Week is a follow-up to last years event and is not taking resource away from the things you've mentioned. Those involved in gaming week are not the same people that would be resolving the issues you've spoken of. Chris