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Plusnet Gaming Night - roundup

Plusnet Gaming Night - roundup

Plusnet Gaming Night - roundup

Plusnet gaming night Get up to much this weekend? You might well have missed out. If you're reading this you're probably aware that last week was gaming week here at Plusnet, leading up to Saturday when we got our game on - the day of our not-quite-world-famous-yet gaming night! Drama, excitement, action... explosions, the zip and zing of ricocheting bullets, the stomp stomp of booted feet. Shouts of dismay, yells of victory. So, how was your Saturday?

Battlefield 3 tournament

After a slow start and a brief practice match, the tournament got underway with Team Alpha (Reesty, jonnybigbananna, BillyAB and Rokai) taking on the Plusnet players of Team Delta - yerbro, horrorxpunk, Carbbz and ProfLiebstrom - on Grand Bazaar. Not being quite warmed up, and due to outstanding marksmanship on the part of Team Alpha, the Plusnet players did take a fair old beating, losing 185 - 0 overall. Battlefield 3 Battlefield 3 Round two followed shortly after, with Team Alpha taking on Team Bravo (sKutDeath, ukste, RBob and COXY_VII). Once again, Team Alpha reigned supreme with an even more convincing win on Metro of 196 - 0.   Battlefield 3 Battlefield 3 But the evening was only just getting started. Lasting longer than an hour for a 4 on 4 250 ticket match, and finishing with a tight victory of *2* tickets to 0, this was some of the greatest gaming seen in the world (possibly). Certainly the players came out of that first round excited and amazed at how close it had been... the last 15 minutes or so of horrorxpunk's live stream are certainly worth a watch, if you're into your FPS: The second round didn't quite live up to the first - perhaps the Plusnet Delta team were wrung out from the previous round, perhaps Team Bravo had just pulled it together after the break - but Bravo pulled out a resounding victory in the second half, finishing 149 - 0 to take second place overall. We'll gracefully gloss over the fact that Plusnet's Delta team finished last... still, very well played all around. Bit of practice and we'll be pwning. Battlefield 3 Battlefield 3  

On to F1 2012

Not long after the BF3 matches were complete we were on to F1 2012, with 6 participants we decided Silverstone would see us competing in a 25% race. Leviaxxan qualified in pole position and yerbro in second, the slimmest of margins separating second and Biscuithead in third. The 13 lap race had a bump and a slide or two but finished in style, Leviaxxan winning overall though Biscuithead beating the other PN staff members to come in second. F1 2012  

The winners

So a deserved first place in the Battlefield tournament to Team Alpha - Reesty, Jonny, Rokai and BillyAB, we'll be in touch soon to arrange delivery of your trophies and Amazon vouchers. Hearty congratulations and very well played. Second place, and the silver medals and £25 each in Amazon vouchers to Team Bravo - ukste, RBob, COXY_VII and sKutDeath, we'll likewise be in touch. Third place to our valiant PN Staff team - horrorxpunk, LaMuerte_Peluda, Xanderfrance and ProfLiebstrom, we can't really give you the prize so we'll save those for another occasion. Perhaps we might arrange a bronze medal though... We hope to have some pictures of the winners to show you all soon.

And thanks go to…

We'd like to thank Plusnet team member Martin Herring for providing the Teamspeak server (hosted on his home Plusnet Fibre connection), and also Community forum user and all round nice bloke ukste, for the loan of his Battlefield server (even if we didn't end up using it I'm sure we'll end up having a few games in the near future) - you can join Ste and his friends on their website at

Didn’t join in but still want to win?

For those of you who weren’t able to join us on Saturday but still want a chance to win a prize, why not enter our sweepstake to win an iPad mini 16GB worth £269! Just enter your email address over on our Facebook app and we’ll let you know if you’re a winner.   So... that was our Saturday. We'll let you know if there's another, I'm sure those who joined us for our Gaming Night 2013 will come back again - why not join us?  

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