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Speech BubblesWell you're here reading this, so it's a fair bet you're aware of our Community site - a repository for blogs by staff members on all sorts of issues from the internets, on our own service, on new technologies and also the home to our community forums. It's certainly one of the most used and definitely one of the most useful resources that we have. We are, we think, justifiably proud of the way it's grown and still growing. It must be a good idea - after all, it's been adopted by on their new page. It's still new, it's still in the early phases, but it's polished and the published articles are certainly relevant to the industry (if a little assumptive in places). It's fantastic that other ISPs are realising the value of this sort of approach, but I can’t help feeling a bit of déja vu while reading. Let's have a look at what's on offer, shall we? ARE YOU ON THE LIST? There's no denying it, file sharing is a major internet issue gaining quite a bit of time and space on news programs and in papers. It's nice to see enta sharing the stance we've taken on the same issue. WARNING: BT ACRONYM OVERLOAD! I'm not sure about all these shouty titles, I guess that's just choice of software. They certainly stand out. Hmm, where have I seen updates on 21CN? ISPS VS IPLAYER: ROUND 2 Blogging about the iPlayer? Tish, tosh and old wet fish. That's old news now. Do we smell the odour of sour grapes? Simply because our figures enabled PC Pro to work out how much the extra bandwidth was costing and any number of newspapers to understand the impact that iPlayer traffic is having on the ADSL infrastructure as a whole? I'd like to say not. But a line like "As the likes of PlusNet complain that their average cost per user has tripled since the launch of the iPlayer" deserves some comment, I feel. Given that in Dave's blog about the Plusnet perspective on iPlayer (which unfortunately was not linked) Dave deliberately states that "we love the iPlayer - and I’ll expand on why". Perhaps sour grapes is a bit harsh - we'll put that down to lack of research instead. Flattery, eh? It'll get you everywhere.

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