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Christmas usage 2008 - The sales attract the Internet users

Christmas usage 2008 - The sales attract the Internet users

Christmas usage 2008 - The sales attract the Internet users

As a follow up to last year we thought we'd post a list of the top 10 websites viewed by our customers over Christmas this year. For Christmas Day 2008 the top 10 list looks like this:

Google Facebook BBC Amazon iTunes/Apple YouTube eBay MSN Bebo Microsoft

While for Boxing Day:

Google Facebook BBC Amazon eBay YouTube iTunes/Apple Argos Bebo

A little bit of a shift in behaviour for Boxing Day with the shopping sites like Argos and Play heading up the list. iTunes drops a little but that could be higher on Christmas Day with people spending iTunes vouchers received as presents. What is interesting is to look at how the sites change over the course of the day, late on Christmas Eve gets into the top 10, whilst a few hours later in the early hours of Christmas morning (4am to 6am) the American news sites like the New York Times and The Washington Post appear in the list along with people seeing if we're going to have a white Christmas on the Metoffice site. A few others in the overnight list are and In the afternoon there's more of a shift towards the social networking sites like Bebo and Facebook. Whilst in the evening the shopping sites like Argos, eBay Amazon and iTunes are more prominent in the list along with the more entertainment sites like the BBC's iPlayer and YouTube. Dave Tomlinson Plusnet Product Team

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and note that once everyone's got their unwanted pressies, they head straight to ebay - moving up a couple of places on boxing day.
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[...] zero again.  Even see Tommo’s blog for Christmas day.  Oh, how I wish I was right on this [...]