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Plusnet in the news - 22nd Dec

Plusnet in the news - 22nd Dec

Plusnet in the news - 22nd Dec

NewspaperIf you're like me you've probably been using online shopping as a way to take the pain out of Christmas shopping this year. We recently commissioned YouGov to carry out a survey into the risks of shopping online. The results highlighted some concerns about cyber-crooks hooking into the festive spirit. Our survey featured in a story in The Telegraph this morning which you can see in their online edition. We also featured in this morning's London Paper.

"Nearly one in 10 have had credit or debit card details stolen and 18 per cent have also lost money because goods ordered over the internet have not been delivered or arrived damaged with a no-returns policy."

We also produced a series of top tips for staying safe online this Christmas.

  1. Only access online shopping sites by typing in a web address. Never use a link from an email
  2. Use secure online payment services like PayPal or WorldPay and only shop at reputable websites. Ensure the letters https are showing in the  browser window of the site, where the web address is shown, or look out for a locked padlock or key icon
  3. Keep your passwords and PINs safe. Be aware of unsolicited emails or calls asking you to disclose any  personal details or card numbers. Your bank would never ask you to disclose such details
  4. At an internet café? Don’t use the “remember my username or password” functions when using a public computer which others have access to, and never leave your computer unattended whilst logged in
  5. Make sure your computer is up to date with the  latest security protection,  anti-virus and firewall software. These are  often free to download and extra packages are also readily available. It’s  also important to download the latest software updates when alerted on screen.  Always check the privacy policy of any website which asks for personal  details. If the site is requesting such information and does not have a privacy policy, do not submit it

We hope you aren't a victim of cyber-fraud this Christmas and that all your goodies arrive on-time! Merry Christmas 🙂 Neil Armstrong Products Director, Plusnet

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