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Boxing Day Sales at Plusnet

Boxing Day Sales at Plusnet

Boxing Day Sales at Plusnet

Neon sale light If you’re getting set for the assault on the high street reductions today, it comes as no surprise to us given a recent Plusnet survey reveals that half of Brits (50%) take pride in knowing that they have bagged a bargain. With many high street chains and supermarkets - once known for focusing on premium price products - now changing tack and focusing on price matches and value products, our survey found people love getting something for a snip of the price.   However, there’s a wide geographical divide with 61% of people from the North East being proud of getting something for a bargain, compared to just 39% of people in the South East. Read on for more interesting facts and figures ...

Plusnet is half price

If you’re buried deep in your Christmas TV schedule, you may have already seen our new TV advert that launched today.  We’re offering a tantalising 12 months half price on Plusnet Essentials and Plusnet Unlimited broadband and 6 months half price on both Fibre broadband packages, when you take home phone.

A British Love Affair

With Britain having taken centre stage in global events this year it's interesting to note that 42% of people feel proud to own something that is made in Britain. Retail experts such as Mary Portas have been flying the flag for brand Britain this year while a number of high profile brands such as Burberry, Gordon’s Gin and Pimms have adopted the Union Jack in their products, packaging and marketing. While Britain was seemingly swept up in a wave of national jubilation it is the younger generations that seem less affected with just 36% of 18-24 year-olds being proud of owning something made in Britain compared to 46% of 55-64 year-olds. There is also another clear geographical split; only 35% of Londoners said they were proud to have something with British heritage, making them the least proud across the country.  In contract, the Welsh came top with 47% of people saying they were proud to own something of British heritage.

You’re a celebrity, get me out of here!

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the survey was the lack of impact that celebrity endorsement appears to have on people. Despite brands spending billions of pounds every year on celebrity endorsements and David Beckham reported to have earned over £13m* this year in sponsorships, just 10% of people are willing to admit that they are swayed by celebrities, and proud to have something that has been endorsed by a famous name. As may be expected the younger generations are the most open to celebrity endorsements with 25-34 year-olds scoring 20% compared to just 5% of 55-64 year-olds. The South East appears to be the most discerning region of the country with just 5% proud of celebrity endorsement compared to 17% in the North West. Jamie Ford, Plusnet CEO, said:

"We understand that people are looking at ways of saving money and believe that people shouldn’t have to compromise on quality to do that. We pride ourselves on offering value for money products, with a first class service.

* Source: Brand Republic Have you braved the Boxing Day sales? Why not tell us what bargains you’ve picked up...

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Seasoned Pro
When I read the headline, on my RSS feed, as a Plusnet member, I was hoping for a tantalising 12 months half price on Plusnet Unlimited broadband !!! Bearing in mind it is Community Site News, should this offer not extend to the already signed up Community ?
Also feeling a little peeved that I cannot get 12 months, or even 6 months at Half price. Seems like PN care more for getting new subscribers than they do in keeping their existing loyal customers happy.
Not applicable
It's not unusual guys for companies to run promotional offers to attract new custom. If you think you could be getting a better deal than you are at present then you could always try giving our Customer Options Team a ring.
Not applicable
i have never in my life worked with an incompetant company as plusnet i am paying for a service i am not getting when i call them to tell them they blame everything else apart from their service when my broadband is turned on i can not use my house phone for the noise on my line when i turn it off my line is fine and they say its not their broadband pffttt what a load of rubbish i would NEVER recomend such a company to anyone
Not applicable
what you mean is you check to see if you want to put the negitive feedback in or not
Not applicable
Doesn't matter what the cost is - if the service is bad then it's a waste of money. I'm a Freenetname/Madasafish/plusnet customer and I've put up with months of problems with the webmail service. I've now given up but I have to ring a number to move my Broadband but the call is unanswered. I have to pay to extricate my mail service but currently, there is no access to the website at all.
Not applicable
@shirlie, that sounds like a filtering problem. Have you tried swapping the filters out? You are using filters on *all* sockets that have something plugged into them aren't you (extension sockets included)? We're fully capable of fixing physical faults affecting your line, however there's a certain degree of diagnostic troubleshooting you'll need to carry out before we can report the issue to our suppliers. @John, you can write to us requesting a MAC as well as calling us. What problems are you having with Webmail? There aren't any service-wide issues I'm aware of.