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5 Games Designed to Make You Feel Good

5 Games Designed to Make You Feel Good

5 Games Designed to Make You Feel Good

Gaming Week 2014 We have teamed up with Rhys Wood, Deputy Editor from, as part of Plusnet Gaming Week to bring you content from someone close to the gaming world. Rhys’ favourite console is the SEGA Dreamcast and his favourite games include Dark Souls and Tales of Symphonia. THERE are a great many games out there that love to put pressure on the player, games that constantly raise the stakes and make you the underdog. Such games are often rewarding and satisfying, but can be equal parts frustrating at times. In light of this, sometimes it's good to just chill out with a nice, laid back game. Here's 5 suggestions of games that just want to put you in a good mood.

5. Just Cause 2

Featuring the largest (non-procedurally generated) map in gaming history at over 1,000 square kilometres, Just Cause 2 defines open world freedom. You're not bound by a strict set of rules or a convoluted storyline. After a brief tutorial mission, you're let loose upon the fictional island of Panau to wreak all manner of chaos. Dismantle propaganda, destroy military bases, hijack helicopters or simply attach an innocent civilian to a passing truck with your grappling hook, all's in the name of fun with Just Cause 2.

4. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Metal Gear Rising is one of the latest additions to Platinum Games' spotless track record. It can be a tough game at times, requiring quick reflexes and a level of combo management, but the payoff is so remarkably satisfying as to put any player in the best of moods. With a delightfully cheesy plot and non-stop high octane gameplay, Rising is a wonderfully action-packed form of stress relief.

3. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

If slicing cyborgs into tiny pieces isn't what you’re after, here's a game that's the polar opposite. The latest version of Animal Crossing allows you to do all the things the series is known for: catch bugs and fish, chat with your anthropomorphic neighbours, and build and furnish your delightful home away from home. New Leaf also adds several new locations and money making opportunities such as a tropical island where summer never ends and the wildlife so valuable they should be considered a get-rich-quick scheme.

2. Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends

Tecmo Koei's 8th rendition of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms saga once again places you in a 1 vs 1,000 scenario and encourages you to simply go nuts. With a roster of over 80 characters, both historical and fictional, you're sure to find more than a few playstyles that suit your liking. With Dynasty Warriors 8 the developers went above and beyond to extend the game's depth and individual movesets, featuring multiple combos and special attacks. The framerate can occasionally chug due to the hundreds of soldiers on screen at any given time, but slashing through the hordes like a hot knife through butter is one of the best feelings in gaming.

1. Portal 2

Portal 2 has a great variety of puzzles and mechanics, has a great story to match, and is also brilliantly written and laugh out loud funny. As Aperture Science test subject Chell, you'll once again contend with the fearsome GLaDOS, AI overlord of the facility, as she puts you through a multitude of gravity-defying puzzles and deathtraps. There's also Wheatley, voiced by the awesome Stephen Merchant, whose bumbling nature adds a lot to the game's sense of humour. It's a remarkable and hilarious journey that no gamer should pass up.

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