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Spare power cable for Plusnet One hub?

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Spare power cable for Plusnet One hub?

My dogs have decided that today would be a great time to chew through the power cable for the Plusnet hub. Grrrr!!! I've no internet access in the house (apart from my mobile) and need to get back online proteolytic as I'm working from home next week. None of the sister cables I've acquired over the years will fit.

Can any of the admins get in touch to send a spare out? Or does anyone here have a spare they are willing to sell? Or can anyone recommend a particular model known to work?
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Re: Spare power cable for Plusnet One hub?


Posting on two boards is very confusing for all, see my reply to your other post.

For information the Admins are long suffering volunteer Plusnet customers, not Plusnet staff.

Many BT Hub power supplies such as the HH5 and 6 are the same 

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Re: Spare power cable for Plusnet One hub?

Moderator's note by Dick (Strat): Topic locked in favour of this one.

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