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Hub 1 broadband interruptions

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Hub 1 broadband interruptions

I'm trying to establish the cause of the following problems:

At least once a day, I lose all broadband connections. Sometimes, restarting the router clears the problem, on other occasions it doesn't. The outages can last from ten minutes to over an hour. If restarting the router doesn't cure the problem, I just leave the thing alone and it eventually the connection returns. At all times the blue light on the router stays on, although I am unable to connect to the router admin pages.

The really weird one is that I periodically find that a smartphone app I use, which controls remote alarm systems, just stops working. At first I assumed that this was either a problem with the app, or the alarm systems, however, both of these have been ruled out. During the times when the app is unable to connect, all my other apps and internet connections work just fine. Having ruled out a fault with the app or the external systems, I waited until the fault appeared again yesterday and then rebooted the router. The problem disappeared.

Taking these two issues together inclines me to think that the problem is a flaky router which has an intermittent fault. However, I have no way of confirming that suspicion, nor any idea of how it might be resolved.

If anyone can cast some light on this mystery, I'd be very grateful.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Hub 1 broadband interruptions


Hi @Gewitty


Thanks for highlighting this - I've taken a look at your account and everything looks fine from this side (which matches your report of the blue light staying static). With this in mind, I'd suspect that this is a wifi issue and point you towards this thread here.


Let us know if splitting out the connection frequencies helps and/or whether this occurs via any devices that's connected with a wired, ethernet connection.