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BT Smarthub

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BT Smarthub

I just placed an order to upgrade my existing Plusnet broadband to fibre, and today my new Plusnet hub arrived.  However, as I'm currently using a fairly new BT Smart hub (or home hub 6), which I believe is fttc compatible, I'm wondering if there's any reason I can't continue to use it?  It gives me great coverage in a large house with thick walls, so I'm reluctant to change for the sake of it. 


Am not sure if the change to fibre will just happen, or if I need to reset something - instructions given to me so far have been rather vague.  I'm still getting just 18Mb/s, so assume I'm not yet on fibre. Is there any way of telling? 

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Re: BT Smarthub

No, there's no reason why you can't Smiley

It should just switch over once the connection is moved over to fibre

(the connection itself would drop, so a reboot of the router may be needed?)


At the moment, I'd guess to say it states BT Broadband on the second section down on this page. Once the switch takes place it would more than likely change to BT Infinity.


You should get an email or text once the work at the cabinet is complete, more than likely the same message you get when you first joined - your phone line is ready and your broadband is ready. Even if you don't get these messages, the router flashing purple (during the time the line is being switched) and then the blue light would be a visual reference.


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Re: BT Smarthub

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Re: BT Smarthub

Hello @Revesby,


Thanks for getting in touch and welcome to the forum.  You can still you can still use the BT Hub 6 and there is a thread here, which another use has kindly created going through setting it up a Plusnet connection.  

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