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Prioritised Service FAQ

Prioritised Service FAQ

Prioritised Service FAQ

1. What is Prioritised Service?

Prioritised Service offers a higher priority for your internet traffic over specific parts of BT's network. When the BT network is busy, traffic on lines with this service will get priority over lines without it.
Prioritised Service also provides greater upload speeds on 20CN broadband.

2. Who is Prioritised Service available to?

Priortised service is available to all customers using Plusnet business products.
It's also availble to residential customers on 20CN broadband (Max DSL up to 8Mb).

3. How much does Prioritised Service cost?

Residential (20CN broadband only)£7.83 (inc VAT)
Business£7.00 (ex VAT)*
* Prioritised Service is included with some older business products.

4. How do I get Prioritised Service?

Please contact us to request this. Either give us a call or visit to submit your request.

5. How do I remove Prioritised Service?

We need 30 days notice to remove Prioritised Service. Please visit to submit your request.
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