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Idle Timeouts FAQ

Idle Timeouts FAQ

Idle Timeouts FAQ

1. Which accounts are idle timeouts applicable to?

Idle timeouts only apply to Broadband Plus and Home Surf accounts. If you don't want an account which features idle timeouts, ourcurrent broadband accounts offer great-value alternatives to your current service. Idle timeouts don't apply and you'll get high-speeds even at busy times, for faster surfing, email and downloads.

2. What are idle timeouts?

If your connection is unused for 30 minutes you will be disconnected from the network. You can reconnect straightaway if this happens.

3. Why are you doing this?

There are a limited number of connections that can be made to each area of our broadband network. Idle timeouts ensure that the network is working effectively, letting us deliver the best quality connection at a competitive price. Any connections which are not being used are disconnected to create space for a new connection.

4. Will I need to reboot my equipment?

In most cases, no. The majority of routers automatically reconnect themselves. Some USB modems and older routers may need to be rebooted manually, or have the settings changed to allow automatic re-connection

5. What about people who run servers?

It is unlikely most users on Broadband Plus run a server because the IPs are dynamic. If you are running a server on Broadband Plus or Home Surf accounts, you should upgrade to Broadband Premier or a business account. These offer static IP options and will be more suitable for your needs.

6. Will this stop me downloading or playing games?

No. Any network traffic ensures that your connection remains live. The connection only needs to be used once inside the 30 minute period to stop it from timing out.

7. If I am using Broadband Phone will I miss calls?

The software and hardware we sell and recommend send regular signals, which stop connections from becoming idle. This also applies to most of the software and hardware available for VoIP services.

8. Can I opt out of this?

Yes, login to the Member Centre and go to Connection Settings. Click on the Idle Timeouts icon and you'll be given the choice of opting out.
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