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Mac Mail Spam Guide

Mac Mail Spam Guide

Mac Mail Spam Guide

This guide shows you how to use Mac Mail rules and how to deal with messages tagged as spam by the Plusnet spam filter.

  1. Junk Mail
  2. Message Rules

Junk Mail
Start Mac Mail. Click the Mail menu, then click Preferences:


Click on the Junk Mail tab and see the information below the image for details of configuration:
In the Advanced tab you can choose to add or remove extra rules to those shown in the previous image. Click on the + or - symbols to add or remove rules. When you have finished, click the OK button:


  1. Click the Junk Mail tab.
  2. Ensure the box is ticked to enable Mac Mail's own junk mail filtering.
  3. Choose how you wish to deal with email that Mac Mail determines is junk.
  4. Choose which senders you wish to exempt from junk filter controls.
  5. Select the Advanced tab to configure more options

Message Rules
Note: The information below only applies if you are still receiving messages which Plusnet mark as
[-SPAM-] into your Inbox. You can check if this is the case by looking at the 'Spam' tab in Manage My Mail.
In the Preferences window click the Rules tab, then Add Rule:


Now configure a rule to move messages tagged as [-SPAM-] into a different folder:


  1. Enter a name for your rule.
  2. Select Subject from the options.
  3. Select Contains from the options.
  4. Enter [-SPAM-] in the textbox.
  5. Select Move Message from the options.
  6. Select the folder you wish to move your spam into.
  7. Click OK to finish.

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