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iMac Dialup

iMac Dialup

iMac Dialup

Click on the Apple Menu and go to the Internet Access Folder then click on Internet Setup Assistant.

Internet Configuration
Click Yes

Internet Account
Do you  already have an account?
Click Yes

Click the Right Arrow

Configuration name and connection type
Config name
Ensure that your settings as shown above.
You can 'name this configuration' anything you like...
most people choose to call it Plusnet.

Modem settings
Modem settings
Ensure that your settings are as above.

Configuration Information
Enter Access number
Ensure that your settings are as above, replacing username with your usernameand password with your password.
Enter the Internet connection number for your Plusnet account into the phone number field. You can find the number for your account on the 'Connecting To' support page.
PPP Connect Scripts
PPP scripts (no)
Ensure this is selected as NO
IP Address
IP Address (no)
Ensure this is selected as NO

Domain Name Servers
Domain Name Servers
(Enter 1 above) Ensure that your DNS settings are as follows:

(Enter 2 above) Domain Name:
E-mail address and password
Email address
Your email address (enter in 1 above) is in the format 'alias' can be any word you choose, such as your first name. If you have registered and hosted a domain on your Plusnet account you may specify your email address as, replacing your domain with your own of course!
Enter your normal password (2 above) which will be used to collect your mail.
E-Mail account and host computer
POP3 & SMTP servers
Your inbound mail server (POP3) - here referred to somewhat confusingly as an 'email account') is - Enter this in box 1 above.
Your outbound email server (SMTP host) is: - Enter this in box 2 above.
Newsgroup Host Computer
News server
Your news server should be set to: - Enter this in the NNTP box shown above.

Proxy Settings
Proxy (none)
Ensure this is selected as NO 

Click Go Ahead to connect

To connect in the future simply click on the Apple Menu and go to the Internet Access Folder.
Then click on Connect To.

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