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How to set up an additional mailbox on a Blackberry

How to set up an additional mailbox on a Blackberry

How to set up an additional mailbox on a Blackberry

To set up a Plusnet account on a blackberry you need to do the following :
Set up
Locate the set up icon as above.
E-mail settings

Then go to e-mail settings.
Choose add  as above then other

Email address

Type in your e-mail address and password, click next.

Provide settings
If this is an additional mailbox it will fail as the blackberry attempts to log into it.

Choose I will provide settings.

Choose POP/IMAP again ensure e-mail address is typed in
Further down the screen will be email server and username.

For your additional mail box you need to type in the account username then a + symbol
So for example if  your username was  joebloggs the main mailbox username is simply joebloggs.  However if you create an additional mailbox  e.g mail, making your e-mail address then the username here would be joebloggs+mail
Choose Next
UntitledOnce completed you should see the screen above
Now you will be able to receive e-mails, and your Plusnet account will be shown as a small "earth" globe on the front screen.
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Clear instructions and almost worked but fell at the last hurdle. On my O2 BB did not get the option to select POP / Outlook ... Instructions so clear that I'm sure everything else was correct.
Anyone got a way to set upon a relatively new BB.
These instructions are for additional mail boxes not default.
You can confirm how you login using the Plusnet webmail service at the below link.

If you login with a + symbol its an additional mail box
so for example
username+joebloggs = additional mailbox
username and account password = default mailbox.
Another way of checking is logging into your e-mail settings here:

Blackberries should set up the default mailbox without issues simply using the e-mail settings and your username and account password.
This guide was done on a BB 9700 and my differ if using OS6 found in the torch and 9780.