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Packet loss when using video conferencing service

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Packet loss when using video conferencing service

I regularly use a video conferencing service that requires circa 1.5Mbps UL and DL, but recently have found that I'm getting packet loss of between 1% - 6% which is adversely impacting the call experience. This has only started over the past couple of days. I've rebooted all network devices, including the router etc to no avail.

I've done a BT Wholesale Speedtest which returned 46.18Mbps DL and 13.09Mbps UL. So there should be plenty of available bandwidth to achieve a reliable 1.5Mbps full-duplex connection. But with no other devices connected to the router I'm still seeing the same performance, with packet-loss impacting the calls. It's not the service as other colleagues (and their other customers) are using the same servers without issues (achieving 0% loss reliably).

Any suggestions on how to diagnose this further?

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Re: Packet loss when using video conferencing service

I'm seeing exactly the same issue with video conferencing.  See this topic (which I saw before yours): 

High packet loss and other DNS issues