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Standard Webmail (Round Cube) slow performance mitigation

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Standard Webmail (Round Cube) slow performance mitigation

The SUs have had this under constant review with Plusnet.  After many months of looking at the obvious likely causes, it now looks as though a performance issue within the Round Cube Webmail client has been identified as being a significant contributor to the end user experience of slow loading email lists.  Though other issues have been found and addressed, this one remains under investigation.

There is however a simple end user mitigation for the issue, which tests have shown makes a SIGNIFICANT performance difference.  The issue appears to be related to the mail list display sort sequence.  If a user has EVER changed the sort list from the default setting (none) - which lists newest email first - to something different … and then switches back to most recent item first using the column sort toggles, this DOES NOT result in the same configuration as per before changing the sort sequence.  There remains an explicit sort setting which gives rise to the performance issue.  Not exactly an obvious expectation.

To set the sort sequence back to the default setting requires EXPLICT user action...

  1. Log into webmail
  2. On the inbox list screen select LIST OPTIONS which is the little grid icon on the left of the column title bar
  3. Set sorting column to NONE
  4. Click save
  5. See the mailbox list display nearly instantly

Work continues to identify the cause of the delay in retrieving a sorted list. Squirrel Mail (Basic webmail) does not suffer this issue, so might be more pragmatic if you have a large mailbox which you wish to view in a sequence other than by date, most recent first.

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Re: Standard Webmail (Round Cube) slow performance mitigation

Thank you, THANK YOU!

This issue has been frustrating me for years (I think...but it may only seem like 'years').

I don't use webmail very often, but when I do I ensure I've a nice cuppa coffee to help pass the time it took to do anything involving redisplaying the inbox list.

Obviously it'd be preferable if there wasn't an excruciatingly long wait to display a list after changing sort order, but at least I can now leave things in a default setup for speedier access the next time I log-in.

Many thanks for this information.

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Re: Standard Webmail (Round Cube) slow performance mitigation

Wow.  I have been suffering years.  Thanks for this instant cure.

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Re: Standard Webmail (Round Cube) slow performance mitigation

I'm now another happy user who has benefited from the step-by-step reconfiguration recommended.  As noted in my separate post today in this forum, my Inbox messages wouldn't load at all.  Resetting the sort-sequence solved the problem.  So thanks to Townman for the advice.

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Re: Standard Webmail (Round Cube) slow performance mitigation

Thanks so much for this simple end user mitigation!!  2 years of frustration at an end!


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Re: Standard Webmail (Round Cube) slow performance mitigation


Click this tiny button:


Then make sure this one is selected:



If you ever sort by a column, you'll need to go back in to reset this.

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Re: Standard Webmail (Round Cube) slow performance mitigation

Good lord.


The amount of years I have been having slow email load ups and wasn't once notified to do this.

Thank you for putting this up here as it has definitely helped.