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email password and outlook android app

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email password and outlook android app


My son has a plusnet email account set up via Outlook 2019 on his pc. He now wants to set it up on his android phone but being the absent minded one that he is, he can't remember his password to his account. Unfortunately, outlook doesn't have a show password option to find it that way. Apart from resetting the password, is there a way of finding it out? does Outlook store it on the pc somewhere?

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Re: email password and outlook android app

Is it not the same password that is used to log in to the Plusnet account? If not then log in to the Plusnet Account and see if you can. sort it out in there. If you don’t know the account password then start to log in to the account but select forgot password to reset it.

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Re: email password and outlook android app

Hiya @stevejd58, thanks for getting in touch. I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you and for the issues your son is having with his password. If he is unsure what this is, sounds like he will need to reset it (and make sure to update it on Outlook too).


If using the default mailbox password, he can reset this by resetting the account password here:


If using an additional mailbox, if you log in to the member centre (as @Baldrick1 has advised, if unsure of the account password you can reset this, again using the link above). Once in, if you go to the 'manage my mail' section you'll be able to see the list of mailboxes and can then change the password for that mailbox from there.


Please let us know if you need any further support.

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