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Youview and BT Sport

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Youview and BT Sport

My main objective is to watch the Motogp without going anywhere near sky or bt.
I can't get virgin anymore because I've moved house.
I've just joined Plusnet and despite a connection delay (due to outreach/bt) I'm quite happy with the service so far - 1 week in.
Now. I've had a bit of a search but can't find what I'm after so here goes:
1. When will it be available on PN?
2. Will BT Sport be available to plusnet customers on youview?
3. Does it need fibre or will it be available on plain old broadband?
BT Sport App
1. Can we/when can we have it?

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Re: Youview and BT Sport

PN are trialling a TV service at the moment but there has been no announcement about when/if it will be a product.  They also haven't announced which channels will be available.
It is possible to subscribe to BT Sport over satellite via PN without needing a Sky subscription. You'll need a dish and a Sky IRD to receive the service.
PN do not currently provide the BT Sport app.