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Where to watch your favourite Christmas films

Where to watch your favourite Christmas films

Where to watch your favourite Christmas films

If you’re not yet feeling festive, there’s still time to get in the spirit. With Christmas just over a week away, there’s no better way to spend your evenings than sipping hot chocolate (or mulled wine - it’s Christmas after all) whilst watching your all-time favourite Christmas films. Keep reading to find where you can find your favourite Christmas classics.


The Holiday

The movie follows a Brit and Californian, both unlucky in love, as they swap houses over the Christmas period. The intention was to escape from men but naturally they both end up falling head over heels in love. The Holiday includes humour, romance and Jude Law, what more could you want?

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Love Actually

"Christmas is all around me, and so the feeling growwws..."

If that lyric means nothing to you, then log onto Netflix and watch Love Actually right now. This is a must-watch and a real pick me up film this festive season. It follows nine people’s stories all connected by one thing - love. Featuring some huge actors including; Keira Knightley, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth (just to name a few), you cannot miss this film.

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Arguably the best Christmas film to exist, this light-hearted comedy follows Buddy (Will Ferrell) accidentally turning up in the North Pole and being raised as one of the elves, although he doesn’t quite fit in (with his 6ft stature). Buddy travels to New York to find his father, but realises the real world isn’t quite the same as the North Pole (people don’t usually cover every meal in maple syrup). Elf is a film you could watch 10 times over and still find it funny.

Watch on Amazon Prime and is playing on ITV 16th December at 6pm


The Miracle on 34th Street

Six-year-old Susan Walker is sceptical about the existence of Santa Claus. Kris Kringle is seen to be a normal guy posing as Santa in Macy’s store. When he starts to claim he truly is Santa Claus, it leads to a court case determining his mental health. Susan comes to his defence after witnessing who he really is and finally believing in the truth of Father Christmas.

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Home Alone

If you’ve missed this classic, you’re truly missing out. Kevin McCallister is THE icon of Christmas. When his parents forget him on their traditional family holiday, he’s left to fend for himself. But 8-year-old Kevin is smarter than you think, when he’s forced to protect his family home from the bad guys.

Playing on Film4 26th December at 2:45pm


Home Alone 2

Many people are sceptical about the second making of a film, however Home Alone 2 doesn't disappoint, and some may say it’s even better. Set in the streets of New York, nothing will get you in the Christmas spirit better than having Kevin back on your screen. This time he somehow ends up in New York instead of Miami (where his family are) and comes face to face with the same con men he met in the first film.

Playing on Channel 4 on Christmas Day at 5:30pm


Four Christmases

Christmas is all about family. That starts to get complicated when your parents are divorced and your partners’ parents are too. One simple, relaxed Christmas turns into four complicated, stressful ones. This is a funny and touching film, featuring Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon.

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Jack Frost

Jack Frost dies in a fatal car crash, then a year later comes to life as a snowman and makes up for lost time with his son Charlie. You definitely need the tissues for this one.

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Blackadder’s Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol is an all time classic, which is why there are approximately 108 versions of it. Blackadder does a hilarious twist on the Charles Dickens novel, featuring Rowan Atkinson (aka Mr. Bean). Guaranteed laughs.

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The Muppet’s Christmas Carol

This is another of the 108 versions of the Christmas Carol, this time involving the Muppets. A great one to watch with the family and if you needed another Scrooge, you’ve got two in Statler and Waldorf.

Watch on Sky Cinema


Die Hard

A Christmas film, or not a Christmas film? We’ll leave that for you to decide. A New York policeman, played by Bruce Willis, is attending a Christmas party on Christmas Eve when the celebrations are interrupted by a group of terrorists. He takes it upon himself to save the hostages. It’s in a Christmas setting, on Christmas Eve, so technically it’s a Christmas film…

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So, put your reindeer slippers on, switch on those Christmas tree lights and eat as many mince pies as you possibly can.

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