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Roam Like at Home

Roam Like at Home

Roam Like at Home

Here at Plusnet we’re introducing Roam Like at Home to our mobile plans.

If you’re a Plusnet mobile customer, who has a Roam Like at Home enabled plan, from 15th June you will be able use your monthly plan allowance like at home in any EU destination, plus a few extra!

If you’ve joined us before 29th November 2016 and have never set roaming up on your plan with us, don’t worry, we’ll be doing this for you before 30th June. This means you’ll be able to use your monthly plan allowance like at home in any EU destination.

Check out our handy FAQs for more information. 

What is Roam Like at Home?

Roam Like at Home allows you to use your mobile plan allowance to make and receive calls, send texts and use data when you’re roaming in any of our Roam Like at Home destinations, rather than paying roaming charges. Good right?

What’s happening with my plan?

We have contacted you to tell you that from 15th June we’ll be switching on EU roaming.

We’re working on switching this on for you now and all our customers will have roaming set up by 30th June.

As soon as roaming is set up on your plan we’ll drop you a text to let you know. You can then use your monthly plan allowance just like you do at home in any EU destination, plus a few extra.

You can view a full list of these destinations here:

These are the included Roam Like at Home destinationsThese are the included Roam Like at Home destinations

When can I use my plan abroad?

If you’ve already spoken to us about setting roaming up on your plan you’re all set and can use your plan in EU countries, like you’re at home, from 15th June. If not, we’re working on it and this will be set up by 30th June.

We’ll be sending you a text once it’s set up and then you are good to go!

Don’t forget if you’re planning on travelling outside of the EU, or wanting to make any calls to non-UK numbers from the UK, you’ll need to contact us to set this up.

What if I’m going abroad before this?

If you are going abroad before 30th June and would like to use your plan abroad, please give us a call on 500 from your Plusnet mobile SIM and we’ll set this up for you.


Perhaps you ought to sort out why roaming doesn't work in some of these countries BEFORE the 15th!

Bulgaria, Croatia and Sweden are mentioned in this thread as not working


I'm travelling before 30 June and in response to a text have tried contacting you via 500. I don't have the time it seems to be taking to get through to speak to someone about this 


Roam like home did not work for us. We went to Italy in 16th June and I phoned two days before our flight. Our accounts were fully enabled, roaming was switched on in the phone but we had no data.


Ruined holiday and was offered 60p compensation by plusnet

Aspiring Pro

I rang up last week as I was about to go on holiday, the guy couldn't enable it because the system has it in the queue to enable.  End result spent a week in Netherlands without Roaming - great!


originally opened accounts with Life Mobile for family members which were then transferred to plusnet (so not a new sim account).

Went to Rome the week after 'Roam Like at Home' became available and was unable to connect to any of the 3 available listed local networks or get any data ('selected network unavailable' message). Two (long) calls to plusnet with them eventually stating there should be no issues (at first the date of the monthly direct payment was blamed ?).

No resolution or any compensation offered. Going to Portugal this month - not very hopeful. If people using EE can connect and plusnet use their networks (same owner) assuming this is a plusnet specific problem.