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Plusnights film night tips - Film quiz

Plusnights film night tips - Film quiz

Plusnights film night tips - Film quiz

Tip #3 - Test your film knowledge

Think you know your Spielbergs from your Scorceses? Test your movie trivia knowledge with our film night quiz.


Get yourselves warmed up for a great film-night by testing out your knowledge with these fun little teasers. Winner gets the biggest helping of popcorn!

Choose one person to be the quiz host and keep a score of who gets the most correct answers. You could then task the winner with making their own movie quiz!

  1. Which was the second Indiana Jones movie, released in 1984?
  2. In which year were the Academy Awards (‘Oscars’) first held?
  3. In which movie series does Bruce Willis play New York police officer John McClane?
  4. Which actress plays Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games?
  5. Which English director made the film Gladiator in 2000?
  1. Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom
  2. 1929
  3. Die hard
  4. Jennifer Lawrence
  5. Ridley Scott

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