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Plusnet win in Broadband Genie and PC Advisor Home Broadband Survey

Plusnet win in Broadband Genie and PC Advisor Home Broadband Survey

Plusnet win in Broadband Genie and PC Advisor Home Broadband Survey

Broadband Genie Awards 2014 Plusnet is the winner of the 2014 Home Broadband Survey, an examination of the state of UK broadband carried out by comparison site and technology magazine Plusnet was declared the Best Broadband Provider, garnering the following poll results:77% of our customers said they were happy with our customer service, while a fantastic 81% would recommend us. Plusnet was also voted Best Budget Provider by the judging panel. Kelly Dorset, Head of Digital Care of Plusnet, said:

“If you’re a regular Community site user, you’ll be aware that our call wait times have not been great for the past few months, but we’ve been working hard to get them back to an acceptable level. It’s heartening to see that despite these problems, our customers still think we are providing good customer service.” 

Andy Baker, CEO of Plusnet, said:

"It's fantastic to be voted both the Best Broadband Provider and Best Budget Provider for the second year running. We've invested heavily in our customer services division in recent months, including opening a new service centre in Leeds, strengthening our advisor training and delivering a new phone system and we plan to keep improving further."

PC Advisor’s Matt Egan said:

"Comprising the views of more than 10,000 UK broadband consumers and a panel of industry experts, the PC Advisor and Broadband Genie Broadband Survey gives the most accurate picture yet of Broadband Britain in 2014.
“UK consumers are enjoying better value and performance than we've seen before as speeds increase and prices drop. We were pleased to see that satisfaction levels continue to rise, although there is clearly still work to be done.”

 Broadband Genie Editor Matt Powell commented:

“Our survey revealed some encouraging results, with many ISPs receiving high ratings for important areas such as customer service and technical support”

It’s been a great start to the year for Plusnet as we also scooped awards for 'Best Value Home Broadband' and 'Best Customer Service' at the uSwitch Broadband Awards back in Janu....

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If its not for scamming there customers dont know what they would win anything for. Iv been miss sold packages twice now and they wont stick to the contract they sold me, they have checked my calls and agree I was mis sold but will do nothing. Do they really expect customers to just take being scammed and pay full amount anyway. Big difference between £2.50 mnth and nrly £20 a mnth. Sure it would b very different if it were me wanting to go back on the contract.
Have asked a simple question and am not going to get an answer! Trying to join PlusNet it asked me for my line number and postcode which I entered. It then tells me I haven't got a "compatible" phone line! It has been good enough for BT and Talk Talk so why not Plusnet? Is it a way of making fifty quid?
Plusnet Help Team
Lynne, I'm really sorry to hear about this. Would you mind sending me a private message with your username so I can make sure we've handled this appropriately for you? Adam
Plusnet Help Team
Hi Gordon, Please send me a private message with your username on the forum section of this site so I can look into that for you. I'm sure there's an explanation for that issue or maybe an issue we can fix. Adam
now you just need to give a better router to your users!
Plusnet Help Team
Hi James, Please let us know if you have any specific feedback about the router we provide or what you might like to see from hardware we provide to customers. Adam
The new award is not surprising , its a very good service and I am saving nearly £30 through Plusnet per month over what I was paying BT . Re router it does hang up on start up sometimes but that is because I turn it off at night which Plusnet do not recommend .
signed up for broadband and phone, broadband transferred over fine but even after phone calls the phone will be delayed due to it not being picked up, what a joke I thought I'd left cowboys you lot could give John Wayne lessons
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Glenn, Thank you for the positive feedback. I'm glad to hear you're happy with the service and that you're saving some money! Linn
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Hi Shaun Lomas, I'm sorry to hear of this. Have you received a confirmed date for your phone now? Feel free to private message me your username and I can take a look at your account for you. Linn