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The last minute Valentine’s survival guide

The last minute Valentine’s survival guide

The last minute Valentine’s survival guide

Valentines day online Citizens of the internet rejoice -Valentine’s Day is with us again! However you decide to celebrate (or denigrate), you’ll find something here to help you in our handy Valentine’s guide for what you can do online today...

How to set up an online dating profile

Valentines day help If you’re still looking for a date, fear not! There’s still time. With a host of online dating websites out there (we’re looking at you and Eharmony!) and a bunch of dating apps (Tinder, OKCupid), there’s plenty of places to look for a special someone. Online your profile makes the first impression, so be sure to make a good one! Some top tips:

  • Do use a flattering picture of yourself
  • Do be genuine, kind, and courteous (as if we need to tell you that, though!)
  • Don’t be afraid to make the first move!
  • Don’t do this otherwise you may just find you go viral!

Send an e-Card to your sweetheart

These days “all the shops were shut” isn’t a valid excuse for forgetting to give your darling a card or even acknowledge the fact that it is Valentines Day. Luckily, you can easily solve this issue by creating your own e-Card, which can be fired via email (or printed) with ease to your loved one.

Websites such as 123Greetings allow you to upload your own images of a special moment both you and your loved one spent together to make it truly original (and bring back treasured memories!). On the other hand, if you are not a Valentine’s Day fan then Jibjab has “Anti-Valentines Day” e-Cards on offer for those who wish to celebrate being free and single (or just plain hate today).

With an e-Card option, at least you don’t have the standardised writing inside but rather something you can turn into that has sentiment and Casanova-esque romance! Write from the heart and if you are good with words, even attempt a poem for your loved one! (Perhaps this will even be appreciated enough to let you off the hook for not getting a real card….?)

Valentines day help

Use the Internet to whip up some culinary genius

Nothing screams competent life partner better than a well-cooked meal eaten by candlelight, and the Internet can help you here too! There are thousands of food bloggers out there offering their expertise, recipes from famous chefs, and even YouTube channels teaching you how to cook.

While there’s no excuse for not cooking yourself, there are also sneaky options available if you’re feeling lazy or if your other half would accept a takeaway and a warm embrace on the sofa as an acceptable Valentine’s evening in.

Ignore it, keep calm and carry on gaming.

Gaming on Valentines DayKeep calm Of course you may not have a date, which is fine. If you’re single you can always opt for a creative metaphor: “I’ve got a date with my Xbox” sounds pretty respectable and competing against other people on Xbox live is a kind of date, right? At least it’s a bit better than “I’ve got a date with a box of tissues” (you should never admit to crying about being single), and besides, we at Plusnet love you even if no one else does!

The new Last Of Us DLC is released today, so if you’re not spending it with a significant other, you can at least be perch on the edge of your seat, dodging attacks from violent ‘zombies’.

What will you be doing this Valentine’s Day? Are you using any of the above options? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below….

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