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PlusNet joins the Facebook Community!

PlusNet joins the Facebook Community!

Facebook have recently allowed businesses to have a presence on the site and create their own page. So, we’ve joined in the fun! Few people today can claim to have never heard the word ‘Facebook’. Whether you're a Facebook addict (of which there are many), a mild user (if such as person exists) or you have yet to be grabbed by the addictiveness of it all (it's only a matter of time), it’s almost guaranteed that you will have heard the name. Have a look at our brand new PlusNet Facebook page and become an official PlusNet fan. We’ll use this page to keep you updated with goings on here at PlusNet HQ and we’ll upload pictures and links from some of the interesting events and activities that we take part in. We’ve also got a PlusNet customer group where you can interact with other PlusNet customers across the country. If you want to learn more about these new Facebook tools have a read of the official Facebook press release or an overview of the new business solutions. Facebook is massive, of that there is absolutely no doubt. Since its launch in 2004 it has expanded from the Harvard University campus to worldwide notoriety. Access to the site was limited to university students around the world until September 2006 when these access restrictions were lifted. Within a year Facebook had become the 6th most visited website on the planet. As of July 2007 there were a reported 34 million active users. This number is continuing to grow rapidly – the introduction of the Facebook platform in May this year allows developers across the world to use the Facebook framework to build applications for the site. One of our developers even found time to build a PlusNet Referrals application. Microsoft recently spent $240 million acquiring just 1.6% of the brand. That values Facebook at a staggering $15bn only 3 years after its inception! More and more people are using the site to keep in touch with friends and share stories, pictures and interests and we wanted in! How long until we have 1,000,000 fansHuh!

chrisc ‎10-11-2007 12:11 AM
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‎10-11-2007 12:11 AM
"Microsoft recently spent $240 million acquiring just 1.6% of the brand. That values Facebook at a staggering $15bn only 3 years after its inception!" Not so. Under the deal, Microsoft also got the exclusive third party advertising rights for three years. This is obviously worth some of the $240m implying a valuation of considerably less than $15bn. Whatever it is it's still exceptionally large though.