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PlusNet TV: Dave Tomlinson Part 2

PlusNet TV: Dave Tomlinson Part 2
The link for part two seems to show part one again...
Community Gaffer
Which link? I can't see that?
yep the video is of part 1. which link hum this page says its part 2 but if u look at the video and the title in the video box it is part 1 and the video is defo part 1 because i watched it.
Community Gaffer
Ok, that was weird, but I think I've fixed it.
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Hehe, the freezeframe picture has Tommo with his hands in the air Cheesy
Community Veteran
With a photo like that captions must be required so here goes: "Honest, it was this big"
"other than traffic management, i also do kung fu" or: "as a genius mathematician i prefer it when my pies are squared"