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Is Apple still at the core of the future of computing?

Is Apple still at the core of the future of computing?

Is Apple still at the core of the future of computing?

MacBook Pro keyboard With the new Microsoft Surface being labelled a potential 'iPad killer', you might be wondering 'has Apple lost its way'? Not if the latest rumours and news about what the company's working on are to be believed. We'll be rounding up the latest from Cupertino, so just keep reading to find out what Apple's supposedly got in store…

Mountain Lion's about to roar

The latest version of Apple's desktop OS, OS X10.8 or Mountain Lion, is due to be released to the public in July. It's set to include more than 200 new features, including Power Nap, which is suitable for use with Macs with SSDs (solid-state drives), i.e. MacBook Airs (2nd Generation) and Mac Book Pros with Retina Display. Power Nap will enable your Mac to download software updates and emails, and synchronise notes, messages and reminders - all while it's in 'Sleep' mode. You'll also be able to use its Game Center (and your broadband) to play games available on both iOS and the Mac with the ability to use either platform - perfect if your gaming buddies usually use an iPhone or iPad. Other hot news about Mountain Lion is that it's to feature:

  • Facebook integration - although you'll have to wait until the autumn for this
  • A new chat application, Messages, which enables you to chat with friends and family members using iMessage on their iPads or iPhones
  • New Notes and Reminders apps, which you can sync between your Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPhone Touch
  • Better iCloud integration
  • AirPlay Mirroring - if you have an Apple TV, your Mac will be able send a 720p video stream to it
  • A built-in dictation function.

Keep an eye on the MacBook Pro Retina

Earlier this month, at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple announced it would be upgrading its MacBook Air and MacBook Pro - but the real headline-grabbing hardware announcement was the launch of the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display. The MacBook Pro Retina features the same high-res screen as the iPhone and iPad, and this new MacBook model's also sleek-looking, ultra-slim and super-lightweight.

Apple iPhone 5's causing a commotion

If there's one thing you can be sure of in the tech world, it's that any suggestion a new iPhone's on its way will cause a ripple of rumours in the press. And that's certainly the case at the moment, with suggestions that the iPhone 5 could be hitting stores as early as October. The big debate in the tech world's been about that rumour that the iPhone 5 will feature a smaller 19-pin port in place of its usual 30-pin port, which could suggest that if you have a new iPhone, you won't be able to use your existing docking station. Other rumours about the iPhone 5 suggest it could feature a larger screen, be taller and slimmer than previous versions, and support global LTE networks.

iOS 6 features recently revealed

iOS6, Apple's new operating system for mobile phones and tablets, is due for release in the autumn too - presumably to coincide with the launch for the iPhone 5. But Apple's already released a raft of details about it for tech experts to mull over. Key features announced include:

  • A new phone app, with two new options for replying to incoming calls (Reply with Message and Reply Later) and a 'Do Not Disturb' feature.
  • Updates for Siri, the digital assistant, meaning it can answer more questions than before and support more languages - although it's not certain if some new Siri features, like local cinema schedules and restaurant booking capability will make it to the UK at the moment.
  • Facebook integration
  • A new Maps App, with turn-by-turn navigation, traffic information and more
  • New Safari app
  • Facetime available using 3G for cellular connections
  • A new e-tickets app, Passbook, so you can buy plane tickets and tickets to events. It combines apps from a number of major companies in one place.
  • Shared Photo Streams - enabling you to share your snaps with specific groups of people, rather than with everyone.

Are you looking forward to any of these new Apple developments? Do you think Apple should be worried about Microsoft's Surface? Just leave a comment and let us know … Sources:

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