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10 Questions People Who Hate Love Island Are Asking Google

10 Questions People Who Hate Love Island Are Asking Google

10 Questions People Who Hate Love Island Are Asking Google

With extended episodes, the Aftersun spin-off and lunchtime commentary at the office, it can seem like there is no escape from Love Island fever currently sweeping across the UK.

At Plusnet, we love catching up with the latest gossip from the Love Island villa, but there’s always that one person rolling their eyes and tutting. Turns out there’s a whole load of people who don’t share our borderline-obsessive interest in the goings-on of Love Island – and they’re turning to Google to ask their exasperated questions.

We’ve looked at popular search queries to find out what these are.

About the ViewersPlusnet Love Island Searches_Question 9.jpg

If none of your close friends have been caught up in the Love Island fever, you might be quite confused as to why the show has taken over your Twitter feed. A whopping 3.4 million viewers tuned in to watch the goings-on in the villa on 4th July 2018, so the answer to this question is: a lot of people!Plusnet Love Island Searches_Question 1.jpg

Some people just don’t understand the attraction of Love Island and are wondering why everyone has suddenly become stuck to their TV almost every night at 9pm – but the data speaks for itself: Love Island is now the most watched show ever on ITV2.

Plusnet Love Island Searches_Question 2.jpg

Love Island is branching out beyond the TV, it is a regularly trending topic on Twitter, the show’s trademark water bottles are a must-have summer item, and Primark have even launched a Love Island range. A few internet-searchers seem to be a bit baffled how the show has us so hooked.

About the ProgrammePlusnet Love Island Searches_Question 5.jpg

A question we just do not understand. The show is TV gold, but some are asking what the point of Love Island is, indicating more than a little exasperation with the happenings in the villa – although the intent of the show is in the title!

Plusnet Love Island Searches_Question 4.jpg

Searchers occasionally got a bit harsh about the ITV2 success – with some seriously hitting out at the show’s quality. Despite criticism, the show is an undeniable success and can even boast a BAFTA TV Award.

Plusnet Love Island Searches_Question 3.jpg


In addition to insulting the quality of the show, internet searchers also expressed distrust of it, wondering if what they were seeing is real, or if the show has been set-up and scripted.

About the Contestants



Plusnet Love Island Searches_Question 6.jpg

Apparently, some people around the UK haven’t been impressed with the level of conversation in villa. There have been some lapses in knowledge from contestants (Hayley thinking Spain was in the UK springs to mind) – but one of the contestants this year is a Doctor, so clearly there are some brains in the villa.

Plusnet Love Island Searches_Question 7.jpg

Looks are important in a relationship – but people think the Islanders rate them a little to highly.

Plusnet Love Island Searches_Question 8.jpg

For reasons unknown a few contestants have been targeted this year by people thinking they look older than their officially released age – or perhaps they just think that they are acting wise beyond their years!

Plusnet Love Island Searches_Question 10.jpg

If the answer to this question is yes, some of the Islanders need shipping out to Hollywood! The tears and triumphs of the contestants would take some serious skill to fake.


Finding the Questions

We found the questions people had been asking by analysing autocomplete and suggested search data. These suggested search queries provide up-to-date information about what people have been searching for.

We gathered together the questions we found people had been asking about Love Island using the search tool Answer the Public. Once we pulled information into a list, we identified the negative questions people had been asking about the show and its contestants. 

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