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Configuring 2704N for VPN service

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Configuring 2704N for VPN service

Hi all. I'm trying to find out whether I can set up my router to use a vpn service (like NordVPN, for example). I know I could configure my devices to use a vpn but I'd like to configure the router so that all my internet traffic is protected. Does anyone know how to do it on the Plusnet router? Or whether it can even be done? I'll get a new router if I have to but I wanted to check whether I could do it with the Plusnet supplied router first.


Any help greatly appreciated


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Re: Configuring 2704N for VPN service

To be honest I dont ever remember seeing that as a setting in any of the Plusnet routers, not used the 2704 for a while so may not be 100%, but never seen it come up as a question here or on the sagemcom site, so probably going to be a new router 😞

If you get one that works well let us know here too though 🙂

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Re: Configuring 2704N for VPN service

Try looking at - there does seem to be a VPN option there. I'm not sure what it does, as I've never used a VPN. Plusnet have pretty much locked down the options in their version of the firmware, so even expert user mode is pretty limited.


Try reading through this thread for ways of tweaking this router