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Engineer not arrived

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Engineer not arrived

My engineer hasn't arrived even though I was told at point of purchase an engineer was not needed. I was given an AM time slot 0800/1300 I unfortunately will not be home after 1330 and there will be nobody here should he decide to turn up.  

What happens or what should I do?

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Re: Engineer not arrived

@AlanBrookes If you were told an engineer wasn't required, why are you expecting one?

Are you merely changing ISP? If so, and you already have a phone line, the engineer should not need access to your property - all work is external.

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Re: Engineer not arrived

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Re: Engineer not arrived

This is what winds me up about booking appointments with guys like Engineers and that, they always say "Between such and such a time", you can never pin them down to exactly what time they're coming! Proper annoying IMO, especially when I often have to pop out and do stuff like shopping and that.


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