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PAC code

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PAC code

With the waiting times on the phone can you arrange to have my PAC sent to me? Would be appreciated.
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: PAC code

Hi @Joan2!


The only way to get your PAC code is to speak with our dedicated cancellations team.

They are available right now and there is less then a 30 second wait to get through!


The number you'll need is 0800 079 1133, option 3.

You can also simply dial 500, option 3 from the Plusnet SIM too!




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Re: PAC code

Just spent 10 minutes stood outside in a light rain shower to get a pac code.
Gave my phone number : name : address : 2 digits from 1st holiday address but then digits from bank sort code and account number. Explained that I couldn't get a connection indoor but couldn't be processed without bank details.
Requested that he email me a list of what details were required so I could address the matter later. Couldn't do that was the reply.
Started off as an exercise in looking at all options - tethering doesn't work with my phone (cubot dinosaur) so cannot leave phone in window for access and phone doesn't work indoors. Due to this we are only usinga few hundred mb of the 3.5gb allowance.
Change network or purchase a new phone was the options on the table.
Would prefer to leave all phone/broadband with one supplier as we have had 2 plusnet accounts for 10 years without any major problems but this has decided the issue for the mobile account.