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Mobile Network Monitor

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Mobile Network Monitor

Does anyone have knowledge of an app for monitoring the status of mobile connectivity.

The reason I ask is because my daughter calls me and quite often she cannot get through to my phone when I am at home.

A couple of times when this has happened, she has called my landline.

On checking my mobile it is offline due to poor signal.

I am aware we are in a poor signal area, sitting between the coverage areas of two masts. However while previously on EE, I had no problems like this.

I would like to monitor the cell connection and see how bad it is and if I have to move back to EE...or another provider.

Thank you for reading.

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Re: Mobile Network Monitor

Hi strat,

If you have an andriod phone there several apps that can report the signal strength received at the phone.

For example "network cell info lite".

As you were owner previously, you may have got a better signal at home on EEs lower frequency 4G signal with a phone which supports 4g calling on EE.

Most of EEs MVNOs such as Plusnet are not allowed to access this signal as they do not have the infrastucture to support 4G calling, the exception is BT mobile which has made the investment.

It might be worth checking coverage on other networks like 02 and Vodafone.

Three mast share with EE so tend to have similar coverage on 3G at least.



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Re: Mobile Network Monitor

Your best bet is something like "LTE Discovery". As Richard has already pointed out, it's the 4G800 band that's the main coverage difference between EE & the various MVNOs. LTE Discovery lets you ID the 4G band quickly and easily without needing to go into all sorts of other radio-related tech that may not actually help you a great deal.

You can check 4G800 coverage for your area at too. The webpage is entirely independent of EE & PlusNet, although does use EE's coverage data.