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Windows NT4 Dial-up Guide

Windows NT4 Dial-up Guide

Windows NT4 Dial-up Guide

1. Click on the desktop icon for My Computer. Next, click on the icon for Dial-Up Networking. If Dial-Up networking is installed on your PC, continue to Step 3. If it is not already installed, the following message will appear:
Dial-up Networking
2. Click on Install and follow the on-screen instructions to install this component on your PC. You may need the Windows NT CD to do this.
3. When Dial-Up Networking is installed, you will be taken to the Phone Book. The first thing you will be asked you to do is install a modem. If there is a modem installed within Control Panel -> Modems, then Windows NT should detect this automatically. If not, click 'Add' and select it manually.
Remote Access Setup
4. Once you have the modem installed, click on Configure to set up the port usage. This will allow the modem to dial out.
Configure Port Usage
5. Next, click the Network button in the Remote Access Setup window. The screenshot below shows the NT Server version. The Workstation version may differ slightly. The important part is the 'Dial Out Protocols' - TCP/IP should be ticked here. Click OK and Windows NT should install all of the relevant files and ask you to restart your PC.
Network Configuration
When you next start up, go to the Dial-Up Networking Icon in My Computer, and double-click it. It should pop up a box saying that the phonebook is blank, and ask you if you'd like to add an entry. Select 'Yes'.
Call the new entry 'Plusnet', and tick the tickbox. Then click Finish. Enter the Internet connection number for your Plusnet account. You can find the number for your account on the 'Connection Guide' Support page. Please do make sure that you have entered the appropriate access number for your account type. Dialling in on a number other than your own may result in excess phone charges and/or less reliable connections. Next, click the 'More' button and choose the 'Edit Entry And Modem Properties' option.
Phone number preview
7. The window that appears has a number of sections that need to be filled in. Select the relevant tab and enter your access information. Please ensure that you are using the correct access number for your account. If not sure please refer to our connection information page. 'Basic' shows your 'entry name' and the phone number as entered in Step 6 above.
Basic - this shows your entry name and your access number
Phonebook entry

Server - 
please ensure that you server settings are the same as shown in the figure below.

Dial-up Server Type

 - should be set to none

Script (none)

 - should be set to 'Accept any authentication including clear text'.

Authentication (any)
8. Once you have entered these details, click OK to return to the Phonebook screen. When you click Dial, a username and password box will appear. The Domain field should be left blank. If anything is entered in this field, it will prevent a successful login.
Connect To..
9. Enter your Plusnet username and password, chosen when you signed up, to connect.

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