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Unmetered Accounts FAQ

Unmetered Accounts FAQ

Unmetered Accounts FAQ

1. What is the Unmetered service?

Simply more online time at significantly less cost! Plusnet's unmetered Anytime range is for everyone and anyone that needs cost-effective connection to the Internet. With no call charges for a fixed monthly fee, Anytime accounts are based on FRIACO technology (Flat Rate Internet Access Call Origination), part of the latest generation of fixed-cost dial-up solutions for the UK.

2. What makes FRIACO the better fixed-cost solution?

We're sure that you'll find our range of unmetered Internet access services gives you great value for money.
Simply choose an account to suit your access needs from the wide choice on offer. You won't ever have to worry about getting stuck with the wrong account; we've made sure that you can move between accounts on a monthly basis. So, if you decide you need more connectivity, you can move up a level, and if you need less connectivity, you can move down. We'll simply adjust your next invoice date as appropriate. Easy!
Anytime offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced contention ratios means you share your service type with less people and so get more access time.
  • More choice! By basing our Anytime accounts on 'contention', you can choose the account that best suits your access needs.
  • More freedom! We'll let you move between accounts on a monthly basis as you wish.
  • The need to wait until 6pm during the week is removed.
  • A fair subscription in line with your time online means you know exactly where you stand.
  • Plusnet are your point of contact for all questions and potential issues: account, billing or support.

3. Who do I go to for all of my Billing enquiries?

All of our Unmetered services are administered by our dedicated Payments division. You needn't worry about having to deal with any external centres with regards your Internet access subscription payments. All billing issues are dealt with in-house, at our premises.

4. Who do I go to for all of my Support enquiries?

FRIACO-based accounts mean that all service issues are dealt with by our own Support Team, so you will never find yourself being bounced between Support Centres.

5. What do I need to use FRIACO-based Internet access?

You will need a BT telephone line in order to use our Unmetered fixed-cost access services. You will also need to provide Caller Line Identification (CLI) when you make your modem connection to us. CLI allows us to see from which phone number you are dialling. Whilst CLI is generally provided by default, you may have disabled it (for example if you are ex-directory). If so, you can easily provide CLI when you call, by placing the prefix 1470 at the start of the modem access number within your dial-up configuration. We have lots of information about how to set up your DialUp Networking settings in the Technical Support section of our Portal web site.
If your phone provider is someone other than BT you will be able to access our superb range of added-value services on an account such as Plusnet Pay As You Go, which provides Internet access via a lo-call rated 0845 number.

6. Can you explain more about 'contention ratios' and the time I can spend online?

Unmetered accounts are based on 'contention'. Contention dictates the number of other people with whom you share your service connection. When you choose which Unmetered service you wish to use, you are effectively choosing your preferred 'contention'. And it is the contention that allows us to provide you with a set amount of connectivity time as part of your monthly subscription.
Here's a list of our Unmetered range, together with their connection time allowance. (Please note that we monitor your usage on a weekly basis, therefore if you have 20 hours per month you can use five per week).

  • Residential accounts -- Time online
  • Anytime Lite -- 20 hours per month*
  • Anytime Standard -- 160 hours per month
  • Anytime Premier -- 280 hours per month
  • Anytime Premier+ -- 400 hours per month

  • Business accounts -- Time online
  • Anytime Lite -- 200 hours per month
  • Anytime Standard -- 400 hours per month
  • Anytime Premier -- 24-hours a day
  • Anytime Premier+ -- 24-hours a day**

The following figures detail the amount of time online that come with our now discontinued "Connect" products.

  • Connect account -- Intended Usage Level
  • Connect Start -- 5 hours per week*
  • Connect Lite User -- 10 hours per week
  • Connect Standard -- 20 hours per week
  • Connect Heavy User -- 40 hours per week
  • Connect Always On -- 24-hours a day
  • Connect Biz Lite -- 25 hours per week
  • Connect Biz -- 50 hours per week
  • Connect Biz Always On -- 24-hours a day (single line connection)

*The Anytime Lite account has been designed for customers who only connect to the Internet for very short periods.
** The business Anytime Premier account is designed to provide unlimited time online for a single connection. Anytime Premier+ allows customers who have ISDN to connect all the time with both channels.
Don't forget that some Anytime and Connect accounts now have extra Night Time access, over and above your account's regular time online. Night Time access allows you to connect between 1am and 7am without using your regular usage hours. Find out more in ourNight Time Access FAQ.

7. What happens if I use more hours in a week than my account allows?

We understand you sometimes need more time online than usual, so if you use more than your account's online usage in a 7-day period, you will not be automatically disconnected from the Internet. Instead, we will send you an email to let you know. This email will tell you exactly how much time you have used, and over what time period. From the following day, your Internet use will than be calculated for the next seven days' online time allowance. This means your Internet access will not be affected if you occasionally use more than your account's online hours.

8. What happens if I find I use more than my account's hours online on a number of occasions?

If you find you regularly use more than your account's online hours, we will inform you by email when we think you should consider upgrading your account type. We have designed this system to be as fair as possible to all our users, whilst making sure that those who would use more of the service than they are entitled to, upgrade to an account more suited to their usage pattern. In this way, we will be able to continue to provide you with a sustainable, first-rate unmetered Internet access service.

  • If you use more than your account's online hours in a period of less than 7 days, we will send you a notification email. Your Internet connection will not be affected at this point, but you should then stay within your account's usage limits, or consider upgrading your Anytime account.
  • If you go over your account's weekly online hours again within 30 days of receiving this first notification, we will send you a second notification email. At this point, you should upgrade your account type or adapt your use to your account's online hours.
  • If you use more than your account's online hours again within the next 30 days you will receive a third notification by email and your Anytime Internet access will be disabled after 2 days, unless you choose to upgrade your account to broadband. Your email, Portal access and webspace will not be affected while your Anytime Internet access is unavailable.

9. Can I access the Internet with Plusnet once I have used up my time online?

You can always connect to the Internet with lo-call rate Pay As You Go (0845) access, to use your account's features as well as access the Internet. This number can also be used from any location, so you can benefit from your account's features away from home or your office.

10.What connection types are supported?

Plusnet Unmetered service supports connection using 'standard' v.34 and v.90 modems. ISDN support is currently provided at 64kbs and Anytime customers can also connect with ISDN at 128kbps (128kbps is not available on Anytime Lite products).

11. Am I able to upgrade to broadband?

Yes, Unmetered services offer a seamless upgrade path to high-speed broadband. You can find out more about how broadband can revolutionise your Internet experience here

12. What areas of the UK are covered by FRIACO?

More than 90% of the UK can be served by FRIACO dial-up services.

13. Are Static IP addresses available on your new services?

No. As of 2nd September 2011, the ability to connect with a static IP address was withdrawn from all Plusnet dial-up products.

14. Can I pay monthly?

Yes, monthly credit card payments are accepted. You can also choose to pay monthly using Direct Debit.

15. Am I still able to dial in to my new account using fixed-cost access if I am at a different location from usual?

Yes, you are. Plusnet Unmetered account supports multiple CLIs (Caller Line Identification) and you will need to specify the number you are connecting from in the Portal administration area (My Account Home). Fixed-cost connection is also dependant upon the new location having a BT phone connection. On non-BT lines, you may access your account using a lo-call rate 0845 number.

16. How is FRIACO supported?

BT FRIACO is provided through their high-speed IP backbone (Colossus). Our own network provides a reliable and high-speed interface with this Colossus network.

17. What is my minimum contract period?

We require 10 days notice of cancellation if, for any reason, you choose not to continue with our service. Full details can be found in our account Terms & Conditions.

18. How will you police these accounts? What's to stop me staying online all day?

Our Unmetered accounts are based on contention ratios and, when you select your account type, you are effectively choosing your number of hours online per week. Should you use more time online, we will send you an automated e-mail informing you of this and suggest that you move to an account suitable for higher usage patterns. Please note that we will NOT cut off your connection should you go over your online hours, we will simply e-mail you to inform you of this fact.
If you do receive an automated e-mail from us, take no action and continue to use an account designed for less use than you are putting it to, then we will take further action, which could result in your account being terminated.

19. Where can I learn more about the Unmetered services?

You can take a look at all the different Unmetered accounts that are available from Plusnet at our information pages.

20. What do I do now if I have any more questions?

If you've got any questions our Support Team are available 24 hours a day. You can also use the Help Assistant if you want to.
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