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The Plusnet family moves to one website - FAQ

The Plusnet family moves to one website - FAQ

The Plusnet family moves to one website - FAQ

1. What happened to the other websites?

Before September 2007 we offered internet services through the Plusnet, Force9, Free-Online, and Metronet websites.
As they all offered the same products we've brought the Force9, Free-Online and sites together and merged them in to thePlusnet website.
This means we can add new services much quicker than before and the website is much easier to maintain.

2. Can I still sign up for a new Force9, Free-Online or accounts?

No, but exactly the same products are available on the Plusnet website.

3. Will I need a different telephone number to contact support?

No, all our support numbers will continue to work as they did before the site merge.

4. When referring someone do I send them to Plusnet instead of Force9/Free-Online etc?

Yes, they'll need your username and the provider you signed up with. Without the provider your referral could be credited to a someone with the same username as you on one of the other services.

5. Where can I see my Force9 or Free-Online Terms and Conditions?

The Terms and Conditions for all Plusnet providers are exactly the same, so the Terms and Conditions given on the Plusnet website are the same ones that appeared on the Force9 and Free-Online websites.

6. Where do I find support pages for Force9, Free-Online or

The Help & Support section of the Plusnet website has been updated to include support for Force9, Free-Online and customers. Any pages which contain provider-specific information (e.g. connection settings) now have a drop-down list at the top of the article. This will allow you to choose your provider and see the information which is relevant to you.
brand selection
When you've chosen your provider from the list, click the Change button. Your selection will be remembered and stored on your computer (using a cookie). If you need to change to another provider, choose from the list again and click Change.
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