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My Circular - Contact Manager

My Circular - Contact Manager

My Circular - Contact Manager

Contact Manager lets you add or remove members from any of your mailing lists.
You can add contacts manually to your My Circular database or administrate list members who have added themselves to your database using Script Access.
You can also email an individual from the Contact Manager. Simply click on a member's email address and this will automatically open Webmail, allowing you to compose your message.
In Contact Manager you can see when members first started subscribing to your My Circular, how many emails they've been sent and how many of your lists they are subscribed to.
Adding contacts
You can add a new contact directly into My Circular by:

  1. Clicking on Create New Contact at the top right-hand side of the screen.
  2. Entering a name and email address for the contact. You'll now be able to add this contact to any of your mailing lists via the List Manager.
  3. The new member's name and email address will now be shown in the Contact Manager screen.

My Circular is fully integrated with the Address Book tool. You can add a member to the Address Book by:

  1. Clicking on the Plus icon next to the name of a member you wish to add to the Address Book.
  2. The Address Book will open. Fill in the sections you need to.
  3. When you've finished click Update Contact.

Deleting contacts
You can remove a contact directly from My Circular by:

  1. Clicking the Delete button. Please note: deleting an individual from My Circular will not delete them from your Address Book. This means you can add this contact again in the future, directly from your Address Book.

Confirmation email
Whenever a new contact subscribes to one of your lists you'll get an email to let you know. This helps you keep track of how many people are signed up to your lists, especially when using the Script Access function. You can also choose to to receive confirmation emails which tell you once emails have been read.
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