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Have been playing cs 1.6 for a wile now normally getting around 40ms with the 8meg and then 80ms-120ms with the 128k but now its shot up, been on 200+ for the last few days now and some servers which it was on 80ms its now over 400.
I did a speed test and its said 116kbps with 199ms ping and that was a london server.
seems to be ok for maybe 20mins of the time I'm playing and then ill just be getting kicked from servers due to the lagg.
Haven't installed anything for a wile now and do a virus check once a week for spyware and alike.
Virgin are doing for £10 a month upto 8 meg unlimited downloads so really thinking of switching to them as I'm limited to 1gb a month which only lasts about a week with the gaming.
Any ideas.
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Re: Ping.

Hi 5unz,
Have you tried running a BT Speedtest to see what sort of results that gives you?
You can run one here.
It sounds a bit like BT have restricted the speed on your line.  If you have a look at my signature and click on the bit about speeds, it'll explain how the upto 8Mbps thing works.